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Taking some liberties with history 

An earlier post reminded me of an Alamo-themed toy soldiers set I had. Even as a kid, I knew how the actual events played out. Hey, we all saw the Disney depiction. But there on the floor of my family's living room, the hapless Mexicans...

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Afraid you are too ga-ga about Spokane? 

It can happen. There are lots of terrific things about this city and the Inland Northwest. And it is possible to find yourself feeling almost giddy about the bounty of local wonderfulness. That, of course, isn't always the best state of mind for evaluating reality....

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Another reader's cities-ranking list

This is from Slice reader Jerry Scheppel. "Having visited each of the listed cities (Tuesday's Slice) except Austin and Destin (some of them multiple times), my ranking would be..." 1. Fort Collins, Colo. 2. Bend, Ore. 3. Bozeman, Mont. 4. Madison, Wis. 5. Vancouver, B....

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More pulp fiction fun

Here's my recommendation. Do a Google image search on "pulp fiction covers" (with or without the quote marks). You will be amused. I promise. Using quote marks produces a slightly different assortment. Unless you are actually attempting to get something done today, you'll probably want...

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The Wednesday Slice

When little boys growing up in the West decades ago played with Civil War toy soldier sets, which side usually prevailed? Perhaps it depended on where the kid's family tree was planted back East. Or maybe it was more a matter of the boy's preference...

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TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2013

Make your own mini-skirt 

Yes, this is from a different century. This all seems pretty wholesome. Sort of makes you wonder what all the fuss was about. Until, that is, you remember that these were worn by actual girls.

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If this young man was your ward...

...what advice would you give him? A) Try to grasp the link between academic achievement and opportunity. B) Stop dressing that way. C) No, really. Stop dressing that way. Now. D) In 2013, people are apt to mock someone referred to as "The Boy...

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OK, one more cities-ranking list

Here is Jan Stone's livability ranking of the cities listed in today's Slice column. 1. Minneapolis/St. Paul 2. Fort Collins, Colo. 3. Portland, Maine 4. Madison, Wis. 5. Flagstaff, Ariz. 6. Bozeman 7. Boise 8. Austin, Texas 9. Logan, Utah 10. Las Vegas 11. Redding,...

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Another reader ranks those cities

Here is Janet "Pinki" Culbertson's livability list. 1. Vancouver, B.C. 2. Bend, Ore. 3. Boise 4. Las Vegas 5. Redding, Calif. 6. Fort Collins, Colo. 7. Bozeman 8. Logan, Utah 9. Flagstaff, Ariz. 10. Austin, Texas 11. Minneapolis/St. Paul 12. Madison, Wis. 13. Portland, Maine....

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Rating cities

Readers of today's Slice column were asked to rank a list of cities in terms of how happy they would expect to be if living there. Here's Karen Botker's list. Minneapolis/ St. Paul -- TOO COLD Flagstaff, Ariz. -- TOO HOT Portland, Maine -- TOO...

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