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Time-capsule questions for Abner Kravitz

When you were a young man, did it occur to you that you would never get to finish reading your paper in peace?

How often do you picture Mrs. Stephens naked?

Did you happen to notice that there were two different Darrins? (Same goes for Louise Tate and Darrin's father.)

What was it like working with Gary Cooper in "Sergeant York"?

Ever fantasize about approaching Mrs. Stephens and saying "I got your magic right here, Sweetie"?

What attracted you to Gladys when you first met?

Do you feel like "Bewitched" ever really captured your own private suburban hell?

There has been speculation that you were able to tolerate your wife's eccentric behavior because you were half drunk most of the time. Comment?

Why didn't Darrin and Samantha ever call you "Abner"?

Did you think Uncle Arthur was gay?

What was your reaction to Endora?

Could you have been to blame for the fact that Gladys, from all appearances, didn't have much of a life? 

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