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Wed., March 20, 2013, 11:30 a.m.

Suddenly it started raining F-bombs

So I'm waiting in the pick-up line at a downtown pharmacy.

Suddenly, over at the drop-off window about 15 feet to my right, a woman starts yelling.

She's angry, and shouting the F-word in several different contexts.

Apparently there is a problem with her filling a certain prescription.

I don't know if she simply has a loose emotions governor or if she is mentally unbalanced. But everyone in the store can tell she is angry. Really angry.

Here's the thing, though. Through all the yelling, which lasts maybe 20 or 30 seconds, everyone stays calm.

The pharmacist and his helpers stay calm. The other customers stay calm. And so do a couple of nearby shoppers who just happen to be near the pharmacy.

Nobody gets big eyes. Noboby smirks.

After the shouting woman storms out, I find myself feeling proud of those around me.

Some people in our area enjoy bashing downtown Spokane. Fine. But the people who live and work down here aren't a bunch of easily flustered hothouse flowers.

Maybe they haven't seen it all. But they have seen plenty.

And when you know what gets real, they don't rattle.

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