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FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2013

I don't think it can be done

I've tried rewriting the lyrics of Foreigner's "Juke Box Hero" to make it "Hoopfest Hero," but the 1981 song stubbornly refuses to play along. Feel free to try it yourself. Good luck coping with all the rain imagery. Not to mention finding a rhyme substitute...

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Street life in downtown Spokane

I was riding my bike home Thursday afternoon when I stopped in the southbound lane at the interminable traffic light at Jefferson and 2nd. I noticed a man walking on the sidewalk on the other side of Jefferson. He looked like "The most interesting man...

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Was Dr. Zaius a Ph.D or an M.D.? 

If his doctorate was from the academic realm of arts and letters, was he a one-ape cautionary tale about tenure and arrogance? If he was a medical doctor, was he, at best, an underachiever when it came to listening? On second thought, maybe he...

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Marilyn Monroe in potato sack dress Yes, I know you have seen this before. But it never hurts to review. There might be a quiz. Just imagine. Question 34: Is there an old photo in which "IDAHO" appears to be resting on an A-list movie star's breasts? Yes, you can...

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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013

Comics page challenge

In today's comics, see if you can find guys in two different strips wearing virtually identical shirts. Then, once you have identified them, come up with a theory explaining it. Coincidence? I think not. The person or computer program at the syndicate who inks the...

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Talking the talk

There are plenty of older workers who are talkative at the office. Some of them never seem to shut up. And some young people hardly say a word. But it has struck me over the years that the general trend is for younger employees to...

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Doin' it all for Jan Brady

The Slice has been inviting readers to play this game for many years. How do you do it? It's simple. Just think of songs that include the phrase "my baby" and replace those words with "Jan Brady." You know, "Jan Brady does the hanky panky."...

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Nether regions 

An early-rising reader noted the Slice column item today in which a local woman said she always took pride in the reference to "northern girls" in this song. My correspondent, who grew up in the South and is quite familiar with this Beach Boys classic,...

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Agree or disagree 

An opinion piece in The New York Times the other day argued that no U.S. military bases should be named after Confederate generals. (Several are.) What do you think?

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