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SATURDAY, NOV. 30, 2013

The upside of my team losing

South Dakota State trounced NAU, so I won't be heading out to Cheney next Saturday. But I'm looking on the bright side. 1. This frees up a huge block of time next weekend. 2. This means if it is really, really cold next Saturday, I...

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If today is your 40th birthday  

This was the No. 1 song on the day you were born. Once during an interview with Richard Carpenter, Terry Gross of public radio's "Fresh Air" was a bit too open about how dreadfully uncool The Carpenters were in the eyes of many back...

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FRIDAY, NOV. 29, 2013

How to begin a prayer

In the middle of this short clip from "Dr. Strangelove," George C. Scott shows how to start a prayer. Yes, he's nuts. But at least his opening is not mewling or meek.

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THURSDAY, NOV. 28, 2013

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 27, 2013

Bird is the word 

At my first newspaper job, employees were given frozen turkeys as a Christmas bonus one year. They were presented early in the day. So I had to store it under my desk until I went home much later. This was a long time ago. But...

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Agree or disagree 

Here's something I said in my column on Nov. 21, 2000... The day before Thanksgiving is one of the three or four best days on the calendar. There's all the buzz of holiday anticipation and none of the disappointing reality.

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