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FRIDAY, FEB. 28, 2014

The Monkees at the Spokane Coliseum 

I might have posted this setlist before. Sorry. But it is almost hard to believe that they performed here. Those of us of a certain age recall that they were bigger than big for a short time.

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THURSDAY, FEB. 27, 2014

"Campus Curry Foes Plan Rally" 

For a fraction of a second, that's what I thought the Huckleberries Online headline said on an 8:57 a.m. post. It actually said "Campus Carry...," of course. But for an instant I thought, "Oh, good grief -- what is with those people? Is curry too...

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"They're real and they're spectacular" 

"The Implant" was the episode of "Seinfeld" airing this week in 1993. I know a Spokane man who, as part of his preparation for a birthday roast years ago, recorded an obliging local TV newswoman reciting that line for the benefit of the roastee (who...

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Annoying Newsroom Behavior No. 53

I'm not sure that this really qualifies as "behavior," as I can think of only one instance. But if I'm going to keep up with this theme of posts for a while, I probably ought to point the finger at myself now and then. Lord...

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"Howdy from Spokane" 

I came across photos of some old postcards adorned with that greeting. And I was wondering about whether that was a suitable message from our city. Is it just a tad too folksy? But then I saw the card below. So never mind.

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Some things you cannot anticipate

Was waiting for some movers yesterday afternoon. They were late. Eventually the guy in charge of the business called and explained. The crew he had planned to send to help us got delayed because another customer had a heart attack while they were at his...

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WEDNESDAY, FEB. 26, 2014

Annoying Newsroom Behavior No. 52  

Long ago, there was an SR staffer who used to refer to contributing essays or whatever to "NPR." That, of course, stands for National Public Radio. In reality, the contributions in question were to Spokane Public Radio. SPR is an important cultural presence. No question....

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