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FRIDAY, JAN. 31, 2014

THURSDAY, JAN. 30, 2014

Life with LinkedIn 

The online business-contacts network regularly sends me reminders to congratulate people on their start-date anniversaries here at the SR. One problem. Some of the people named left the paper years ago, and not always in the happiest circumstances.

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Worst time to go grocery shopping? 

You know, between now and Sunday afternoon. Anytime Saturday has the potential to be a melee. But perhaps Sunday morning could be even worse. Which means today and Friday might be the time to head to the store. Of course, if everyone has that idea......

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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 29, 2014

"Spokane Nice"  

How do you react when you encounter that expression? A) I know it's a put-down. I know that it suggests phony, surface-level friendliness that covers up deep suspicion and mistrust, but I just don't think it is especially true here. B) I think the speaker...

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