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MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2014

Unexpected obstacle to health care

The first sign of trouble came this morning at about 7:40. A woman who works at the medical offices across Grand from Manito Park was standing by the back door way longer than it should take to get in. In turned out the keypad which...

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SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 2014

The stories they could tell

Apparently what's said in the operating room stays in the operating room. How else would you account for the fact you never hear doctors and nurses telling stories about the drug-induced goofy stuff patients say both before and after a surgical procedure? I happen to...

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Slice answer

Today's column alluded to worrying that the blood-pressure cuff would continue constricting until your arm popped. That prompted an email from longtime reader Laura Parker. The subject line was "We don't need no stinkin' blood pressure cuffs!" She wrote, "Try using your imagination while getting...

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Slice Blog editor's note 

Starting Friday and continuing until July 6, The Slice Blog will offer one measly post per day. Things will be back to normal, such as it is, on Monday, July 7.

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Seeing buffalo defecate at Jellystone 

A friend's youngster reportedly got a bang out of seeing that last week. And I got a bang out of hearing about it yesterday. I told my friend that it was a sight I could not claim to have observed myself. But later, I wondered...

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Food stains and unexpected visits

When you are at home, it's not out of the question to change your shirt every time you get a dab of mustard on your front or switch to a different blouse after dribbling iced tea on it. But at some point, when you pretty...

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When lemonade stands fail... 

Who/what do kids blame? A) Oppressive regulatory climate. B) Market forces stacked against the little guy. C) Obama. D) Unions. E) Weather. F) Spokane just wasn't ready for this bold new concept in curbside beverage service. G) Location. H) Other.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2014

Possible slogan for the S-R 

While out of town the other day the editor of this newspaper sent out what I regard as one of the Top 10 tweets of all time. Here it is. "Moroccan cabbie asks what I do. I'm a journalist. 'Lots of bullshit, my friend.' I...

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