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MONDAY, MARCH 31, 2014

SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 2014

Talking to strangers

I realize wearing sports-themed apparel is not a certain indicator of allegiance to that team. But sometimes, when I see someone in a Detroit Tigers cap, I ask a question only an actual fan could answer. Here are my 2014 preseason results. Know-it-all (friendly): 1...

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FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 2014

Your parents' favorite brands 

Was this the evolution of your feelings about their preferences in canned vegetables, ice cream, cars, network news and fast food restaurants? 1. Obliviousness 2. Acceptance 3. Rejection 4. Sentimental Re-Attachment 5. Rejection

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My apologies to Jeannine Hill

Her name is misspelled in today's Slice column. Also, I promised her I would use the name of one of her daughters. And that name is nowhere to be found in today's column. I am out of the office and don't have her phone number,...

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Just wondering 

Ever been helping an older relative or friend try to figure out a convoluted phone menu or clear-as-mud website and found yourself thinking, "You know, these people have clearly made the decision that the elderly can just go to hell"?

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An amateur diagnosis

When you are in a doctor's waiting room, do you ever speculate about what prompted others seated there to schedule appointments? If you are waiting to see a general internist, that silent guessing game can be mildly diverting. "Thinks he has pneumonia." "Back spasm." "Yeast...

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MONDAY, MARCH 24, 2014

Just wondering 

If you have your car worked on at a service department that's part of the dealership where you purchased your vehicle, there is a chance you will be offered your choice of shiny, new loaner cars for the day. So here's the question. Do you...

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SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 2014

You make the call 

A delivery girl brought some food to our front door and complimented me on the old "Vote for Pedro" T-shirt I was wearing. She was... A) Demonstrating that, even though "Napoleon Dynamite" came out when she was about 8, she is a fan of that...

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