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Hair apparent

How long has the person who cuts your hair been doing so?

"Brenda has been cutting my hair for over 21 years," wrote Jim McGuire. "When we started she was in her late teens or early 20s. I've been with her through her marriage, three kids and numerous pets. Over 275 haircuts."

"Tonja has cut my hair for 23 years, but I have cut my husband's hair for 31 years," wrote Valerie Adams.

Jim Erdman wrote, "My loving wife of eight years and partner of 30 years has cut my hair for the entire 30 years. Every time I sit down for a haircut I tell her, 'Cut it full on top.' Her reply for 20 years has been 'This might be your last haircut.' She has saved me from the never elegant comb-over."

Here's Linda Delaney's story. "I will have lived in Spokane 40 years in July and have had only three hairdressers in all that time. The first one moved to Hawaii after three years, and recommended the second. The second one moved to Mukilteo after about 20 years and recommended the third. The third has been whipping my hair into shape ever since. I'm seriously hoping she doesn't have any plans to move any time soon."

Lona Herrbach shared this. "As of Wednesday May 21st, Michael Vane has been my hairdresser for 31 years. It started with styling my hair for my wedding. I can definitely say that after all these years we have been through many of life's ups and downs. He's not just a hair stylist  -- and the best -- he's a friend."

Charles Brondos said his wife has been giving him haircuts since 1971. "Although there is less hair to cut now."

Ron Mensch said his wife has been cutting his hair ever since he got a brutal haircut in Alaska in 1974. He didn't really notice how badly that 1974 haircut was going because he was distracted by a chatty bird there in the shop.

Lou Sachse wrote, "Robin Boggan has put up with me and my unruly hair for at least 30 years...give or take a year. I, on the other hand, have been cutting my husband's hair for almost 40!"

Patsy Wood's sister, Susan Clark in Pullman, has been doing Patsy's hair for more than 40 years. "Susan is the best!"

"Renee Miesen has been cutting my hair for about 22 years," said Susan Chapin.

"I have been having the same wonderful man cutting my hair since 1982," wrote Patt Earley. "I may have to go to a buzz cut when he finally hangs up his scissors."

"Ed Leifer of Blades has been cutting my hair for 34 years," wrote Lori Shauvin. "When you have perfection, why change?"

Gina Cadagan shared this. "I moved to Spokane in 1979 and was referred to John Distefano to cut my hair. Every once in a while I've wandered away to try someone else, but keep going back to John. So, 35 years later, John is still cutting my hair. He's the best!"

Claudia Kuttner is another Distefano fan. She has steered multiple members of her extended family his way. Once, when Kuttner was temporarily homebound, he offered to make a house call.

Nancy Hawley has been getting her hair cut by the same woman -- a person she deeply admires for her big heart and civic involvement -- for 48 years. "We were both very young when we started."

She didn't feel free to name her because she doesn't want people to try to figure out this stylist's age.

Dave Wolfe lived in the mountains of Colorado from 1970 to 1973. "It was a 50 mile trip to the nearest barber."

So his wife started cutting his hair. She still does. "I'm guessing that I have saved nearly $4,000 in barber fees."

And Ina Redd reported that her son, Terry, has been cutting his own hair for about 15 years.

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