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The first Playboy I purchased myself

This is the August, 1969 issue. I was 14 and had a keen interest in short fiction and jazz reviews. And I was an occasional liar.

My family was visiting my grandmother in Whitehall, New York.

I spent most of my time there fishing, watching TV and messing around with NFL football cards.

But one day, while I was in the store where I bought football cards, I got an idea.

“This is for my dad,” I said as I placed the Playboy on the counter.

The scene of the crime.

The store in question, which undoubtedly closed long ago, was in the first floor of one of these buildings.

Know your Apollo 11 anniversary dates

If your memory of 1969 is a bit hazy, let's review.

Launch: July 16

Landing/walk on moon: July 20.

Return to Earth: July 24

Remembering a slow-dance song

Every now and then you hear adults complain about teens dancing in what these grown-ups regard as an inappropriate manner. That's the adults' right, of course. Got to keep the young ones moral after school.

But some of us, I won't mention any names, can recall junior high dances where certain slow songs produced a brand of tight-squeeze fraternization about which Ann Landers might have warned parents.

It wasn't really vulgar. It was just boys and girls being that age. Intense might be a better word.

Some of these songs weren't really any good. But for those about to move in for the clinch, they served a time-honored purpose.

April 7 in Jim Bouton’s “Ball Four”

“Today, the day before opening day, Joe Schultz said, 'Well, it's back to the old salt mine, boys.'”

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