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Can you remember in-flight smoking?

Does it seem incredible to you that it was ever OK?

You don't have to bash smokers to shake your head in wonder that the airlines seemed oblivious to the fact that a fair number of travelers had respiratory conditions.

And passengers today complain about crying babies.

Just wondering

Never mind being realistic.

Pay no attention to market sustainability or seats-filling logic.

This is just making a wish.

If you could wave your magic wand and create a daily nonstop flight from Spokane to any city in the U.S. or Canada, what destination city would you choose?  

Sense of entitlement, the early years

A friend made some air travel arrangements for her 9-year-old son, who will be going to visit relatives in Florida this summer.

He had one question.

“First class?”


For more on this kid, check tomorrow's print Slice.

One way things have gotten better

No, the oblivious passenger ahead of you can still recline his seat into your lap.

But at least people can't smoke on planes anymore. Isn't it amazing the think that it was ever allowed?

What if this ad from 1968 ran today?

Would consumers wonder if this was really all about service?

Local “Pan Am” review

You might recall that I had asked a friend whose father was a TWA pilot to get her dad to watch “Pan Am” and then critique the new ABC show for me.

Ron Johnson, who lives in North Idaho, was kind enough to do so.

Nothing he said was mean-spirited. He realizes it's just a TV show, after all. But he noted that the pilots were unrealistically young for the dawn of the jet era. (There were a lot of experienced ex-military guys in the ranks at the time.) And the division of duties involving the captain and other members of the flight crew were way off.

Moreover, he chuckled at the notion that the inaugural flight of special New York-to-London service would have been flown by a pilot presumably low on the seniority/insider connections pecking order. 

But he noted that, yes, passengers used to dress up for air travel. And, as depicted, the level of security was, well, nothing we would recognize today.

He said the show gets one other thing right: The pulchritude.

Once upon a time, he said, attractive stewardesses were nothing less than part of the airlines' marketing plans.   

You can fool some of the people…

Last night in Salt Lake City, a Delta gate agent announced boarding for Flight 1304 to Spokane. He described it as having one stop in Walla Walla, which was news to those who had purchased tickets.

But after allowing passengers to exchange “What the…?” looks for a moment, he admitted that he was joking.

All's well that ends well, I suppose.

If you take gender equality for granted…

You are either young or ignorant. Well, I take that back. You could be both.

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