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Why is Rick drinking beer this fall?

A) He likes it. B) He knows an alarming amount about it. C) U of Michigan football. D) He's a beer blogger. E) Other.

Coors will not be welcome at his place

“I wonder if others are banning Colorado beers from their Super Bowl parties,” wrote my friend, Jeff Jordan.

The beers of our fathers

Conversation has ground to a halt?

Pose this question: What beer did your father drink when you were a kid?

Yes, I realize not all fathers drank beer. And I also am aware that some drank too much.

But I have found almost any answer to that question kick-starts a lagging conversation.

Cavemen pounding brewskis

You just know Fred was a mean drunk.

Barney? Probably just got melancholy.

Stocking the fridge

Men. Aren't they amusing?

If you were the wife here, what would you do? Crack open a frosty bottle of Schlitz using Mr. Wonderful's noggin as the opener? Leave all the groceries out and simply declare that Thanksgiving dinner is off?

“We'll be having beer this year.”   

Beer: The secret to getting out of raking

At least that's what this 1948 ad seems to suggest. All you need is some neighbors coming home with groceries. “Greetings, fellow hat wearer. I've never tasted mass produced lager before. May I come in your house and drink beer while your attractive young wife sizes up my real intentions?”

Would you rather be here?

A) No, that's from 1961 and I was 6 years old. B) Not if I had to drink Schlitz. C) Not really. I'm a straight woman. D) Yes. E) Other.

Just drink from the bottle, for Pete’s sake

That guy doesn't look strong enough to hold the tray like that.

There’s fun news coming to Today

It involves beer and a friend of mine who grew up in Michigan.

But it's not really my news to announce. So I'll pipe down.

The right beer for watching basketball?

Maybe not. For one thing, the name summons allusions to professional basketball, not college. And secondly, the company went out of business ages ago. But I doubt if it was ever available around here anyway.

So what exactly is the point of this post? To show you a picture of a Knickerbocker. 

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