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Pick the worst mother-in-law

Endora from “Bewitched”: Always turning you into a chimp or casting various annoying spells on you.

Mary Hatch's mother from “It's a Wonderful Life”: It was pretty clear she wanted Mary to snuggle up to that rich Sam Wainwright. What are the chances she would have ever let that go?

Norman Bates' mother from “Psycho”: She was quiet. But maybe too quiet.

Sitcom witch holding a cat

This was before she played a Spokane mother in a made-for-TV movie.

Setting the bar for the long weekend

If, come Tuesday morning, your mother-in-law has not turned you into a chimp, you can consider it to have been a good weekend.

Time-capsule questions for Abner Kravitz

When you were a young man, did it occur to you that you would never get to finish reading your paper in peace?

How often do you picture Mrs. Stephens naked?

Did you happen to notice that there were two different Darrins? (Same goes for Louise Tate and Darrin's father.)

What was it like working with Gary Cooper in “Sergeant York”?

Ever fantasize about approaching Mrs. Stephens and saying “I got your magic right here, Sweetie”?

What attracted you to Gladys when you first met?

Do you feel like “Bewitched” ever really captured your own private suburban hell?

There has been speculation that you were able to tolerate your wife's eccentric behavior because you were half drunk most of the time. Comment?

Why didn't Darrin and Samantha ever call you “Abner”?

Did you think Uncle Arthur was gay?

What was your reaction to Endora?

Could you have been to blame for the fact that Gladys, from all appearances, didn't have much of a life? 

Ever had your boss over for dinner?

I have been a full-time member of the work force since 1977, and I have been married since 1988. And I cannot remember a single time when the boss came over for dinner. Maybe it happened, though. Not all of my bosses have been as memorable as Larry Tate.

If your spouse had special powers…

…wouldn't you say “Go for it, sweetie. We're a little short on $50 bills.”

In-laws ever turn you into a chimp?

OK, then. You have nothing to worry about. Happy Friday the 13th.

What if…

…your boss spent as much time in your home as Larry Tate did in Darrin and Samantha's house?

Abner, come look at this

I'm sure there are plenty of Spokane neighborhoods still monitored by someone looking out the window along the lines of Gladys Kravitz in “Bewitched.”

But a lot of people are pretty busy these days. So on some streets, it's now up to cats to keep an eye on things. That works OK if at least a few members of the household understand feline-speak.


“What did she say?”

“She said Tattoo Man across the street is out in his front yard sans shirt again.”

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