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Wore four layers of gloves this morning

And my fingertips still got cold before I arrived at the Review Tower.

Tomorrow I might try five pairs of gloves.

Of course, there are those who might say this is not bike riding weather.

To them I would just say…yes, I know.

Today’s Bicycle Commuting Report

I wouldn't call it biblical rain.

There were, after all, no frogs falling from the sky.

But when I was ready to ride away from the Review Tower this afternoon, it was coming down hard.

Two sodden colleagues, John and Kip, came into the lobby from the back door looking as if they had been fetched up from the mouth of a great sea serpent. “At least you missed the hail,” said one. 

I waited a few minutes and then set forth.

To bolster my spirits, I hummed a tune by Brother Claude Ely.

“Ain't no grave,” the Pentecostal pastor sang. “Gonna hold my body down.”

Today’s Bicycle Commuting Report

A woman who looked like she might be about my age backed out of a driveway right in front of me this afternoon.

We all make mistakes. And she was driving a huge ass Canyonero (or whatever). I imagine those things have a few blind spots.

Still, she was backing onto 29th, across a bike lane. Seems like you would want to look for traffic. Wouldn't you?

I was going pretty slow and had anticipated this possibility, so stopping was no big deal.

I said nothing. I made no gesture. But I looked at the woman as I passed.

We were both wearing sunglasses, so I suspect a bit was lost in translation. But she clearly said something, perhaps to the grandchild in the front passenger seat.

If you had to guess, what do you think she muttered?

A) “Effing cyclists … think they own the road.”

B) “Effing cyclists … why don't they realize cities were built for cars?”

C) “Effing cyclists … they'll sneak right up on you!”

D) “Good grief … I need to be more attentive.”

E) Other.  

Today’s Bicycle Commuting Report

Once again, coming down the South Hill in the morning was easier than going back up it in the afternoon.

Trying to avoid a case of aphid-lung

Lots of Spokane area bike riders will tell you.

This time of year offers some of the best afternoons for cycling.

But in certain neighborhoods where there is an abundance of trees, there is a challenge for bike riders: Trying not to inhale aphids when rolling through an insect cloud.

The best advice, of course, is the classic all-purpose counsel that has served well in countless situations.

Keep your mouth shut.

One question for Friday the 13th Eve

Are Inland Northwest entomologists who ride bicycles more able than the average Spokane area pedaler to recognize instantly just what sort of insect has flown into their mouths? 

A Top 10 for Wednesday morning

My bike ride to work this morning was a bit brisk. And I couldn't help but wonder what drivers of cars passing by thought when they saw me.

My guesses:

10. “What a maroon.”

9. “Bet he's sorry about that DUI now.”

8. “That's about as silly as those high school kids wearing shorts when it's frigid.”

7. “I've heard of being concerned about your carbon footprint, but that's ridiculous.”

6. “Wonder how many layers of gloves he's wearing.”

5. “Nice array of lights.”

4. “He probably thinks he's cool.”

3. “Those cyclists don't pay any taxes!”

2. “What's he going to do if it snows this afternoon?”

1. My presence didn't even register. People tend to be lost in their own thoughts about MasterCard balances, constipation issues and resented promotions of workplace rivals. 

Grand Boulevard, 5:30 a.m.

You know that thing some women do when they want to apply a touch of perfume but don't want to overdo it?

Sure. They'll squeeze off a couple of spritzes out in front of them and then lean into or walk through the fragrance while it's still suspended in the air.

Well, that's sort of what I've been doing on my way to work the last couple of days. Only it hasn't been by design. And I'm not referring to cologne.

I keep riding my bike through invisible clouds of incident-aftermath skunk scent. I'm not sure if any of it sticks to me. But the stuff certainly is powerful.

Reminds me of a certain cartoon character.   

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