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It’s always the other guy

A poster inside STA buses lately urges passengers to be ready to pay when they step aboard.

You know, have your card ready to swipe or have the cash already in your hand. That kind of thing.

Always reminds me of observational comedians of 30 years ago going off on people in grocery checkout aisles who apparently had not considered in advance that they might actually have to pay for the stuff in their carts.

There are a few bus riders like that, certainly. But something tells me they don't picture themselves if they happen to see that poster.

They probably glance at it and think, “Yeah, what's WITH those people?” 

Mass transit

Took the bus this morning for the first time since last winter.

Turns out I could have ridden my bike. The wet streets did not refreeze, at least along my route. But I suppose it's better to be cautious.

Back on the bike tomorrow.

In any event, I was curious about how many familiar faces I would see on the old 43..

The answer: A few. But most of the STA riders were people I cannot recall having seen before.

Maybe some of them saw me and wondered “Hey, who's this new guy?”

Nah. Probably not. My guess is that, at 5:55 a.m., most of us are still busy questioning the wisdom of leaving our good homes.

Another reason some would hate the bus

When you take the STA to work in the morning you sometimes hear passengers speaking languages other than English. 

When we left our story last time…

Took the first downtown-bound No. 43 this morning and was surprised to discover a different cast of characters (fellow riders) than when I last rode the bus seven or eight months ago.

I had sort of expected to see all the same faces. Wrong.

I keep forgetting that people sometimes tweak their schedules and make other changes in their lives without consulting with me first. 

Spokane, Washington, 6:10 a.m.

It's probably safe to assume that most people on the bus wearing earphones are listening to music of their own choosing.

But when some stranger across the aisle laughs at the exact same instant you do, it might be reasonable to conclude that you are both listening to the same radio station.

It's a visual moment, but it sort of cries out to be part of the next Spokane Public Radio pledgeathon. 


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