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Urinating on campfires

Make a guess. What percentage of Inland Northwest males have done it?

This date in Slice history (1997)

Today's Slice question: What's the one thing that should never be brought along on a camping trip?

“Was there a dinosaur out there?”

Having an astonishing variety of outdoors skills is one way.

Being the one person who never complains is another.

But when it comes to making yourself a legend during a camping trip, there's nothing quite like epic snoring. 

Late summer in another century

There's a lot to like here: 1. The way she's dressed. 2. The way he's dressed. 3. The alarm clock on top of the car. 4. Her cooking glove. 5. The animals just beyond the trees waiting for her to finish making breakfast before they make their move. 6. And, how come you can see right through the tent?

And here on the Island of Bicycle Women, we have Convertible Man adjusting his shades to better see what we can't.

Turns out the key to camping is beer

Backcountry etiquette 101

Let's suppose you are hiking or camping far from the high-traffic trails and popular campgrounds.

And you come across some beer nestled in a chilly stream, possibly tethered to some vegetation next to the water.

Does the rule of “Finder's keepers” apply?

No, probably not. Chances are someone didn't want to lug that lager around and put it there to chill. Imagine how disappointing it would be to come back and find the much-anticipated bottles or cans gone.

However, there are exceptions.

You may assume that whoever placed the beer there won't be coming back for it if…

1. It's a six-pack of Falstaff. 2. The rusted cans are made of steel and lack pull-tab openers. 3. You can still read the “Freshness date” and it says “1991.”

Then the question becomes “Is this safe to drink?”

My advice would be to call Rich Landers, if there's cell service. He's married to a doctor. 

Tradition vs. doing it the modern way

We all know you can buy tents now that virtually spring into shape the moment you pull them out of the bag.

But is that really camping?

Shouldn't there be a little suspense about finding all the parts? And wouldn't you miss hearing Uncle Roy mutter a few choice words while putting it up?

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