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It came from Spokane

The folks who brewed Golden Age beer in Spokane decades ago had a remarkable slogan for their product, at least for a time.

“Properly aged…no headaches.”

Well, OK. But what if you drank 18 cans of the stuff? 

You are too young to have had one

Yes, I have posted similar photos a hundred times before. I just never tire of defunct Spokane breweries as a theme.

“For parties” … “For picnics”

So are you supposed to read that “Draft beer…best type” or “Best draft type beer”?

Spokane’s Golden Age

I wonder how many of these are at the bottom of area lakes.

I totally understand if you do not share my fascination with old beer cans.

Another vintage beer can from Spokane

This is a different picture/different can than originally posted here. But it is also a conetop. 

Today’s old Spokane beer can

I know I've used Bohemian Club cans before. But I really like this one.

Have room for another?

Today’s vintage Spokane beer bottle

Be sure to read the label.

Without drugs?

You might enjoy the site below. The guy behind it is in Indiana, but apparently he has a particular interest in the old Schade Brewery here. The fact that his name is Schade might have something to do with that.

A Friday morning eye-opener

Who ever heard of a container holding 11 ounces?

Twelve? Sure. Sixteen? Of course. But 11?

If you look real closely

You might be able to make out that both these bottles and the can below say “Spokane Brewery.”

Why should you care? No reason, really.

But me, I get a kick out of this sort of thing. And it's my blog, though the truth is I prefer to say “online thing.”

When I was a little kid, back in the steel cans era, my dad used to let me have a sip of his beer whevever I wanted. I suspect he hoped this lager sampling would make drinking seem less exotic in my eyes.

Sadly, I was subsequently thrust into a cold, heartless world where dedicated young scholars such as myself stumbled off to college without benefit of hearing those potentially life-saving “Remember to Drink Responsibly” public-service messages. I have to tell you that, as a freshman, I did not.

But that's another story.  And if you remember the '70s, there's a good chance it's one you have heard before.

Too early for an eye-opener?

That's OK. You aren't going to find any of this in 2011.

And you'll have to come up with a Plan B for parties and picnics.

Ahh…It’s Bohemian Club time!

Well, maybe not quite yet. But keep in mind that I do start pretty early.

And there are few things I like better than kicking back with a convenient half gallon fun-size bottle of locally brewed beer after a hard morning of item forging. Even if it requires a bit of imagination.

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