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Things women talk about

It was not by design.

But the S-R newsroom seating chart has a few pockets of gender clustering.

I happen to sit along a fault line between a male-centric area and an all-female grouping.

Now people who work for newspapers tend to have a variety of interests. So I'm not about to suggest that the conversations one hears typically break down along gender stereotypes. It's 2013.

But just a few minutes ago, I listened to three or four women talking about their hair-washing regimens.

You know, how often, how long it takes, et cetera.

It was mildly interesting, I have to admit.

I never worked in an all-male newsroom, like the ones you sometimes see in ancient black and white movies.

Never been sorry about that.


A couple of my colleagues were talking about someone they both know.

The man said the guy in question now worked for a brokerage. He mentioned the name of the business.

He said “Wright McAdams.”

The woman wasn't sure she heard that correctly, so she repeated it. “Right At 'Em”?

The man clarified. But don't you like the other name better?

“Who handles your investments?”

“Right At 'Em.They don't mess around.”


One woman talking to another:

“There's always an old guy named Jerry at wine tastings.” 

You want to talk about being confused?

Try to top this.

I overheard a couple of colleagues talking and thought one had referred to long-dead rock legend Duane Allman. But the context of their coversation made that utterly baffling.

Of course, that's because they were actually talking about civic activist Duane Alton.

Talking the talk

I can't claim to have conducted an actual survey or anything.

But I have been listening to passing clusters of predawn joggers for years. And here's what they tend to be talking about.


1. Their kids. 2. Work stuff. 3. Their spouses. 4. Service encounters. 5. Something that was on TV the previous night. 6. Vacations/travel plans.


1. Work stuff. 2. Their training regimens or other outdoor activities such as skiing. 3. Their kids. 4. Something that was on TV the previous night (often sports). 5. Their spouses. 6. Current events. 

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