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Two reasons cats at work is a bad idea

1. Some of your co-workers might be allergic.

2. Felines lounging on computer keyboards could harm productivity.

Catwoman and a feline assistant

She once appeared in an episode of “The Twlight Zone” with an actor who later lived in Spokane.

Ms. Newmar, that is. Don't know anything about the cat's credits.

Yes, I realize that this is a ludicrous attempt at localizing, even by Slice Blog standards. But there are men of a certain age who have a bit of a thing about this particular Catwoman. And they are welcome here.

Self-image of my neighbor’s cat

She tolerates me but probably wonders why I'm not on the phone with National Geographic about her or working on a coffee table book called “House Cats of Spokane's Kalahari.”

Brigitte Bardot and French-speaking cats

What would you guess these felines are thinking? (In English, please.)

Some signs of season heard, not seen

Sometimes our neighbor's cat appears on the front porch as if Scotty beamed her down from the starship Enterprise.

One moment you're checking the mailbox or whatever and she's nowhere to be seen. And then, out of thin air, she materializes at your feet. If the door is cracked open, she might just appear as a gray blur on her way in to investigate opportunities for seafood treats.

But last night, I could tell she was coming.

Long after dark, I opened the front door and looked out. That's when I heard it.

The sound out there in the blackness was not really a rustling. It was more like a fast series of little splashes.

She was on her way. But because the yard is covered with leaves from our maple tree, I could hear her running. The leaves robbed her of her usual stealth.

I guess it's about time to do a little raking.

Abner, come look at this

I'm sure there are plenty of Spokane neighborhoods still monitored by someone looking out the window along the lines of Gladys Kravitz in “Bewitched.”

But a lot of people are pretty busy these days. So on some streets, it's now up to cats to keep an eye on things. That works OK if at least a few members of the household understand feline-speak.


“What did she say?”

“She said Tattoo Man across the street is out in his front yard sans shirt again.”

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