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What is the lesson here?

A) Girls are shallow. B) Mr. Sunglasses is a dork. C) Archie is a dork. D) Jughead isn't even listening. E) Get yourself a 'Vet. F) Front license plates are not required in Riverdale. G) What's with that pink house in the background? H) Other.

Peril of commenting on women’s apparel

So I'm buying some cottage cheese at a little eatery near the paper.

The pretty young woman ringing me up is someone I've dealt with before. She's friendly.

 She's wearing a shirt emblazoned with the image of a wolf. It's kind of cool.

“I like your wolf,” I say as I accept my change.

“What?” she says.

It's just a second or two before I reply. But that's long enough to rebuke myself for calling attention to the fact that I was looking at her shirt. It's not super-tight or anything. Nothing like that. But in revealing that I noticed her attire, I am potentially inviting unpleasantness. What if “wolf” is young-person slang for something suggestive, unsavory or X-rated? Good God, when am I ever going to learn to never say anything? 

“That's a wolf, isn't it?” I say, pointedly not pointing.

She says it is, and smiles as she realizes I had said I liked it.

No harm done.

This time.  

Just wondering

Are smart, educated young women in Spokane more apt than smart, educated young women elsewhere to settle for guys who might charitably be described as underachievers?

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