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Two kinds of holiday grocery shoppers

One type sighs about the overflowing parking lots and crowded stores but sort of gets into the spirit of the season when filling the cart and seeing others do the same.

The other type dreads the crowds and plans grocery shopping excursions at this time of year with the grimness of a military planner.

Which are you? Or are you in a third category?

Grocery checkout daydreaming

When you find yourself in a grocery cashier's line behind someone purchasing 48 ears of corn, what goes through your mind?

A) Gee, I sort of wish I was invited. B) Gee, maybe I should have a party. C) Wonder how carefully he/she examined each one. D) Probably too early for the really good sweet stuff. E) Well, there's a family that soon will merit the description “corn fed.” F) Other. 

Picking up a few things at the store

An express-lane cashier looked up and said “How are you two doing today?”

Then, immediately, she realized the man and woman next in line were not together. Each had a shopping basket.

No one was troubled, of course.

But it would have been the perfect moment for the checker to ask, “Did you find everything you were looking for?”

The woman in line could have said to the cashier, “Well, apparently I found this guy here — do you have a coupon I can use?”

This might seem like the way to go

It would allow you to quickly make your way around the grocery store, dancing past people blocking aisles with their rolling carts.

But after you have selected 57 items weighing an aggregate 147 pounds, does it still seem like a good idea?

Cart before the horse****

There's a new wrinkle in my ongoing struggle to be allowed to take my groceries to my vehicle without assistance and small talk.

The baggers have launched an altogether baffling lobbying campaign.

They have started saying, “I can bring the cart back.”

I'm not quite sure how to put this. But big whoop.

I'm usually pretty capable of bringing the cart back or placing it in one of the parking lot corrals. And if, heaven forbid, the cart were to be left unattended in some random spot in the lot, the shocking truth of the matter is that I don't really care. I am not an adjunct employee of Roseway or Super Albert's or whatever the store happens to be.

I just want to be on my way, free to pursue various man-about-town activities or perhaps go home and take a nap.  

But still these often appealing young people beseech me with their earnest expressions: “I can take these bags out for you. Then I can bring the cart back.”

Oh, well, in that case…if it means you could bring the cart back. Uh, no thanks.

Now I understand that the baggers want to be liberated from the stultifying confines of the store. They want to take their sweet time and engage in plenty of mental meandering as they wend their circuitous way back to the checkout aisles.

I get it. Really, I do.

But I have my own modest dreams. And none of them involves being treated like an invalid who can't transport his own grocery bags and put them in the trunk himself.

Of course, if I do allow one of the kids to walk me to my car and pactice his or her people skills on me, then they can take the cart back.

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