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Have you watched this show?

What did you think?

How about this show?

Did you watch this?

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Understanding the other choice

Have you ever watched a TV series and more or less enjoyed it but understood all the while why many prospective viewers would regard it as utterly unwatchable?

I had that feeling more than once while watching “Treme,” which wrapped up Sunday night.

Liked some of the characters. Others did nothing for me.

But when the story would stop dead — as it did over and over and over — for an extended musical interlude, I was tempted more than once to bail. Yes, the show's producers clearly suggested that we were supposed to worship the music — all of it. And I get that the music was a character in the show.

Often, though, I found myself zoning out and thinking about all sorts of things that had nothing to do with “Treme.”

What is the Spokane connection here?

Hint: It's not either of these players.

Admitting I was wrong

Early in the recently completed second season of HBO's “Newsroom,” I told several friends who watch the show that I was certain one episode would open with Charlie and Sloan in bed.

I was wrong. Didn't happen.

No, that picture is not from the show.

Surely I am not the only TV viewer

Who finds HBO's “Hard Knocks” training-camp series way more interesting than actual NFL games.

I'm a relative newbie. The season that hooked me was the one with the Jets. 

So just how bad was “Clear History”?

The highly promoted Larry David movie for HBO was no triumph, even if loyal fans managed to watch it all.

But was it a total disaster or merely flawed?

Which way is your thumb pointing?

I'm a Christopher Guest fan. And I'm not giving up on “Family Tree” just yet.

But boy, I don't know. Maybe his humor is not suited to half-hour segments.

Feel free to review Louis C.K. special

A) Not as good as the last one. B) Had its moments. C) Pretty good. D) I think success has ruined him. E) I don't care, I just hope some easily-offended people happened on to it. F) Who is Louis C.K.? G) Other. 

Considering “Enlightened” marathon?

Season 1 stops being available via On Demand on Tuesday.

Planning to watch “The Newsroom”?

It's on HBO, so the answer probably is “No.”

But if you are a subscriber who happens to believe in American exceptionalism, I have to warn you. If what I've read about the series is any indication, there's a scene early on that will make your head spin.  

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