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“Campus Curry Foes Plan Rally”

For a fraction of a second, that's what I thought the Huckleberries Online headline said on an 8:57 a.m. post.

It actually said “Campus Carry…,” of course.

But for an instant I thought, “Oh, good grief — what is with those people? Is curry too ethnic for them? Are they so hostile to the very idea of higher education that they imagine everything that happens at a college is a leftist plot?”

Then I came to my senses.

Perhaps operating on a sleep deficit is a little like being on drugs. 

Can this headline be saved?

Feel free to rewrite it.

Suddenly I am worried that I used this exact photo for a similar post a couple of years ago.

Oh, well. We can still re-enjoy the hat Lois is wearing.

Headline phrase of the week

“Matrimonial-industrial complex” — The Washington Post

Today section drives her out of her mind

At least yesterday's did.

S-R reader Cynthia Laird called and reported that the big “Hey, hey Paula” headline on yesterday's features section made her start hearing a certain song. And she kept hearing it. And hearing it.

All day.

“I thought I would lose my mind,” she said.

I'm not sure who wrote that headline. But I have a hunch it was an EWU grad who hadn't even been born when the song in question was a hit in 1963.

Just part of our sing-along service.  

“Area man”

Earlier this week, that expression was the beginning of a headline on the S-R's front page.

Nothing wrong with that. Made sense and was perfectly clear.

But I wonder how many readers thought of The Onion when they saw that.

“Ends in stabbing” in SR headlines

Seeing one of those headlines on the newspaper's website this morning made me wonder.

How many SR headlines have included the wording “ends in stabbling”?

Not so many as you might suspect.

In fact, in searching our electronic archives, I could find just four in the past 15 years.

Of course, that was just looking at print editions and considering only local news stories.

More significantly, that counts only headlines with the exact wording “ends in stabbing.” Certainly many other stories about local stabbings had headlines with different wording.

After all, sometimes the stabbing is not the end but is just the start of another Lilac City adventure. 

That’s a relief

At first glance, I thought a subhead in the Voice section's Education Notebook roundup read “Rogers High cooks dogs, cats.”

But before I really had time to form the thought that this news was underplayed, I realized I had read it wrong.

The headline, referring to some good work done by the school's kitchen staff to benefit the Humane Society, actually said “Rogers High cooks help dogs, cats”.

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