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If today is your 21st birthday

This was the No. 1 song on the day you were born.

But really, that's not your fault.

I have a theory that if this was played at a wedding reception, the chance of divorce automatically doubled.

If you were born on this date in 1969

This was the No. 1 song when you arrived. It would be played in your honor in sports arenas all across America for years.

I always liked this song. But when I was 14, I assumed the performers were black. Must have thought it sounded like a Motown record or something. See if it sounds that way to you.

From what I read, this song was R-rated

All these years, I hadn't known that. Of course, I mostly paid attention to the sound and megawatt energy.

Is it OK to not really like this song?

I mean, can you agree with the sentiment and all but just not find this to be pleasing music?

It was No.1 for a short time in July of 1971. 

“Can you dig it, baby?”

The No. 1 song on this date in 1968, “Grazing in the Grass” included that line and many like it.

No. 1 song on this date in 1964

Interesting wording on the group's artist credit.

No. 1 song on this date 50 years ago

This was a song about unusual coastal demographics. “Two swingin' honeys for every guy.”

Why listeners fled to album rock on FM

Over on AM Top 40 stations, this was the No. 1 song on this date in 1977.

Disco earworm warning

This was the No. 1 song on this date in 1974. Just when you thought you had forgotten it.

OK, let's be fair. It's sort of catchy, isn't it?

If you doubt it, take the Slice Blog challenge. Listen to “Rock Your Baby” and try to keep perfectly still.

I'll bet you can't do it.

No. 1 song on this date in 1983

What did you think of The Police? Ever buy one of their albums?

Top 100 songs of 1977

What were we thinking?

OK, there are a few good songs here. But you might agree that quite a few of these are not endorsements of the popular tastes of the time.

Where were you in 1977?

A hit song in May 50 years ago

Recognize “C. King”?

I think a youtube commenter is right and this is not the final version.

No. 1 song on this date in 1972

'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain.

Reconsidering 1970s song lyrics

1. “Some people say this town don't look good in snow.” — “Ventura Highway” by America

What town don't, er, doesn't look good in snow? Fresh snow anyway.

2. “Just let your inhibitions run wild.” — “Tonight's the Night” by Rod Stewart

Seems like that actually means the opposite of what is intended.

3. “Galileo, Galileo.” — “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.


No. 1 song on this date in 1966

Brian Wilson has said the title has its origins in his mother's belief that dogs picked up on you know what from people.

No. 1 song on this date 40 years ago

There was a bit of controversy surrounding this song because of sexually suggestive lyrics.

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