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Spokane Canaries could have won Cup

But they didn't, and within a few years the newly formed National Hockey League back East pretty much claimed the Stanley Cup for its own.

So are you rooting for a New York vs. L.A. final?

Has never happened in all the years since the Kings joined the NHL in 1967-68.

Re: the Canaries: See second item:

WHL players on NHL rosters

This list is not quite up to date. But it does give you an idea of just how many players in the Chiefs' league make it to the National Hockey League.

What Spokane Chief was “Missing Link”?

He played here about 25 years ago. He was not a finesse player.

Just wondering

The 11-month long National Hockey League season gets underway a week from today.

If Seattle had an NHL team, would you consider going over for a game once a year or so?

How to win a faceoff in hockey

Step 1: Don't stare at the spot on the ice where you expect the puck to land. Do what these two players are doing — keep your eyes on the puck in the official's hand.

Your opinion re: fighting in hockey

A) It is total BS and the people who run the sport know it. Team owners in the U.S. realize attendance would crater without it. B) I have sipped the Kool Aid and buy the argument that it is a necessary safety valve that reduces nasty and dangerous stick infractions. Yes, I realize this means I believe that the referees are incapable of controlling games. C) Why doesn't anyone ever note that there isn't fighting in Olympic hockey and college hockey? D) I don't mind the rare spontaneous bout. But these enforcer vs. enforcer charades are ludicrous. E) It's why I am not tempted to take the sport seriously. F) So players in other contact sports are able to control their emotions and hockey players aren't? G) I can live with it on the NHL level, where it is declining. But the spectacle of children striking each other in the face is why I don't go to Spokane Chiefs games. H) I'm sorry that it often defines the sport in the minds of non-fans and detracts from appreciation of what gifted athletes these players are. I) If you have ever been to a game in person and noticed how excited the crowd got during a fight, you probably have an idea why the people who run the sport are inclined to keep coming up with rationalizations for keeping it in the game. J) If it's not a farcical sideshow, how come it virtually disappears during the Stanley Cup playoffs? K) What's hockey? L) Other.

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