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Multiple choice

What do you remember about your first Thanksgiving weekend back home after you had moved away (for college, a job, the military or whatever)?

A) Not much. That was a long time ago. B) I suspect I had an inkling that life was moving on and that the new friends I had made while away seemed to know me better than my old friends. C) I have a vague recollection of resenting the fact that my parents still treated me like a kid. D) Move away? Don't understand. Did you mean “move down to the basement”? E) I remember having looked forward to seeing the person back home I had been dating and then realizing, when we did get together, that it just wasn't there anymore. F) I think I expected to be greeted like a conquering hero or something. I pictured people hanging on my every word. Instead, my old friends had the nerve to expect me to want to hear about THEIR lives. G) I had not been away long, but I remember being awash in nostalgia upon seeing my hometown again. H) My family was wealthy and I had been going away to prep school since I was a little kid, so coming back for Thanksgiving when I was a college freshman was no big deal. I) I remember that my parents had turned my room into a storage space while I was away. J) I was struck by how fast my siblings were growing up. K) I remember I had turned into a film snob while away and my family, quite rightly, expressed the view that I had become a pretentious twit. L) I know this will sound insanely self-centered. But part of me sort of resented that life had not stood still while I was away. M) I don't remember details, but I know it was a happy time. N) Have you ever seen “The Graduate”? O) The greatest dog in the world put on a clinic about how to welcome someone home. P) Other.  

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