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How often do you see June bugs?

It seems as if there are two kinds of people here.

Those who encounter June bugs all the time at this time of year.

And those who are skeptical about whether they actually can be found in the Spokane area.  

If insects bother you, please look away

This was the July 12, 1976 cover of Time magazine.

After dealing with some yellow jackets building a condo on our garage last night, I can report that they have arrived.

You know you are a Spokane native if…

You take for granted the fact that you can hold open your front door for a moment after dark without worrying that your home is instantly going to be invaded by 63,000 flying insects attracted by your porch light.

Trying to avoid a case of aphid-lung

Lots of Spokane area bike riders will tell you.

This time of year offers some of the best afternoons for cycling.

But in certain neighborhoods where there is an abundance of trees, there is a challenge for bike riders: Trying not to inhale aphids when rolling through an insect cloud.

The best advice, of course, is the classic all-purpose counsel that has served well in countless situations.

Keep your mouth shut.

One question for Friday the 13th Eve

Are Inland Northwest entomologists who ride bicycles more able than the average Spokane area pedaler to recognize instantly just what sort of insect has flown into their mouths? 

It’s a great time to be bald in Spokane

That's because the gnats, aphids, brain borers, nasal nymphs or whatever they're called are out in force. And they tend to get in your hair, literally.

So, no hair means debugging your person is a whole lot easier when you are about to go back indoors. Sure, they'll still be clinging to your clothes. But you can flick most of those off. Extricating them from your tresses is another matter entirely.

Bug season also raises questions about the advantages of certain hair colors.

If you have dark hair, the bugs aren't so visible that someone 10 feet away can note that you are infested. On the other hand, light colored hair does allow people to inspect themselves with some assurance that most of the uninvited hitchhikers will be detected.

Of course, some of the insects look white. So, in that case, the opposite scenarios would come into play.

In any event, here in a city of ballcap wearers, you might want to think about putting something on your head before you go out.

Just so long as it's not a Texas Rangers cap.

Another way to relocate good bugs

“Matchboxes,” suggested Jeff Ellingson.

“We relocate nearly all the spiders in our house to the outdoors.”

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