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Visiting a lemonade stand

The two little boys across the street set up a lemonade stand this morning.

We were their first customers.

(They were honest about that. They didn't go for marketing buzz by saying “Oh, we've been swamped.”)

“How many?” asked one of the lads.

I told him we would each like one cup.

“So that's two,” he said to himself.

Though the price was 25 cents per cup, we paid with a couple of Sacajawea dollars.

The boys' mother explained to her sons that they were special coins.

The older boy noted that he was saving money to acquire a special Lego set.

The lemonade was pretty good, and plenty cold.

Hope they make a million dollars.

When lemonade stands fail…

Who/what do kids blame?

A) Oppressive regulatory climate. B) Market forces stacked against the little guy. C) Obama. D) Unions. E) Weather. F) Spokane just wasn't ready for this bold new concept in curbside beverage service. G) Location. H) Other.

In the S-R features section on 7/31/01

We had a story featuring local people with various perspectives on business offering advice to kids thinking of setting up lemonade stands.

There's one piece of advice I still remember.

 Post a sign saying “I washed my hands.”

The search for a secret ingredient

What could kids operating lemonade stands add to their beverage recipe to really get the drinks up on their feet?

Here's one serving suggestion.

The last day of August, 2012

I couldn't tell you how many lemonade stands I have passed on my way home from work this summer.

More than a few.

Sure, I wish them well. It's a seasonal classic, after all. And I'm all for job creation.

Now I suspect the product offered at 99 out of 100 of these play-businesses is fine. But I'll admit I worry about that one stand that might be guilty of serious health code violations. So I pass them by.

Today, though, after riding past one at 37th and Sky View (across from Hart Field), it hit me that this is the last day of August. Who knows how much longer lemonade stands are going to be available this year.

So I turned my bike around.

It was a three-girl operation. Two held signs out by 37th. And one staffed the table on a grass strip dividing Sky View.

I don't know how old they were. But they were courteous and appreciative.

I paid a buck for a 50-cent glass of lemonade that was not awful.

I waved away my change and was rewarded with an “Awesome!”

Nothing about the kid, the lemonade jug or the cup seemed alarming. And as you can see, I lived to tell about it.

Boy, this summer sure has gone by fast.

The start of his lemonade stand boycott

Johnny Erp was a college student in California decades ago when he approached a lemonade stand with the intention of supporting the kids by purchasing a cup.

But as he got closer he saw one of the stand's operators vigorously petting a dog. Erp still remembers seeing the boy tousling the canine's neck ruff.

That might have been OK. But then the lad stuck his petting hand right into the pitcher of lemonade and proceeded to use his dogged-up mitt as a stirring spoon.

Erp suddenly lost his taste for the fruit of the poor lemon.

You have to wonder if that kid all those years ago was trying to market his beverage offering as an elixir for those with hangovers. If so, it would seem he misunderstood the whole “hair of the dog” concept.

In any event, Erp said he has not had a cup of lemonade from a kids' stand since, though he has been known to toss a few coins to the proprietors.

Maybe just a little late for this summer

Like about 40 or 50 years too late.

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