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A day for big beginnings

We're told that Lewis and Clark started their journey on this date in 1804.

So, as a sort of tribute, what can you begin today?

You want me to go first? OK. Here goes. Starting today, I am going to drink more water.

Try to top that, if you dare.

This date in Slice history (2000)

Multiple choice: If, almost 200 years ago, explorers Lewis and Clark had worn T-shirts during their journey, what would have been printed on those shirts?

A) “I'm With Stupid.”

B) “Grizzlies.”

C) “Do Me.”

D) “Willie Nelson Tour, 1803.”

E) “Missouri Breaks Fun Run.”

F) “Question Authority.”

G) “Big Sky Conference Champs.”

H) “Bull Shirt.”

I) “If Sacajawea Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy.”

J “I've Fallen And Can't Reach My Beer.”

K) “I Went All The Way To The Pacific Ocean And All I Got Was This Stupid Shirt.”

L) “Guns Don't Kill People — Mountain Lions Do.”

M) Other.

Ursus arctos horribilis

I can see being ambivalent about Lewis and Clark if you are native. But it seems like everyone else in our part of the country ought to be able to cite a favorite theme in stories spun by the expedition.

Me? No contest. It's the accounts of the explorers' introduction to grizzly bears.

I've always loved that. You can picture those guys shaking their heads and saying “What is the deal with these western bears? You shoot 'em three times and they just keep coming!”

Well, until roads, housing developments and our need to extinguish every trace of wildness shoved them into a corner.

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