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Getting prescrip filled on Saturday night

In Spokane, the first thing you discover is that it cannot be done in every part of town.

And the second thing? Well, if you are willing to drive a little bit, there are a few pharmacies open. And, of course, you are willing to do that. If you have been prescribed a medication on a Saturday night, chances are it's no casual matter.

What would you do if you lived in a rural area?

A social theory

The people who carry plastic bags but don't really pick up after their dogs are the same ones who drive around in vehicles adorned with kayak carriers or bike racks but never actually engage in outdoor recreation. 

If history teaches us anything

It's that many of those who loudly and persistently claim to know how to fix Spokane will have moved away within a few years. 

Life here isn’t all shootings, stabbings

Did you notice all the bike riders out this afternoon?

Fill in the blanks

The national-level success (        ) has experienced in the last few years has to absolutely drive (        ) crazy.

Here in Nearly Perfectville

“Your story about the bolted flower pot prompted me to write,” wrote Si Bates.

“A friend of mine told me about having a minor abundance of vegies from their garden. They put the fruits of their labor on a lawn chair with a 'FREE' sign attached. Someone came by, dumped the vegies on the ground and took the chair.”

Multiple choice

Getting annoyed when people park in your driveway while visiting your neighbor's yard sale is…

A) Fairly normal. B) Not very Zen-like. C) Pretty Spokaney. D) A sign that you need something to occupy your mind. E) All right if you don't object to being a bit like Gladys Kravitz. F) A sign that maybe you need to live out in the country. G) OK if you don't go out and create a scene. H) Depends on how you feel about the neighbors and whether they have a yard sale every weekend at this time of year. I) Understandable. In an ideal world, the person parking in your driveway would have known that's simply not done. Or the folks running the sale would have noticed this transgression and politely instructed that person to go back and move his or her car. J) Other.

Familiar but still quite different

Certainly Spokane isn't the only place where it happens.

But I suspect seeing someone driving a car just like yours do something insanely rude or aggressive stings a bit more here.

Why? Because many in Spokane love to assume a universality of perspective.

You know. Everyone goes to The Lake. Everyone is in love with GU basketball. Everyone does Bloomsday. Everybody is a fan of Hoopfest. And on and on.

Exaggerations all.

Perhaps we're prone to cling to these broad-brush assumptions because Spokane is not a hotbed of certain kinds of diversity. So maybe it's tempting, or perhaps self-serving, for some to imagine that we're all alike.

Anyway, you have to guess that some of us are inclined to believe that people behind the wheel of cars that are the exact make, model and year as our own must be a lot like us. Right? Stands to reason.

Then you see someone in your car's twin cut another driver off or blow through a stop sign. It can be a little depressing.

“How could someone with my exact tastes in one regard be so different in other ways?”

Of course, maybe they aren't really different. Maybe you are in denial and you are the exact same kind of road menace.

Nah. Just kidding. You're OK, no doubt.

The other guy? Well, maybe he borrowed that car from his prince of a brother-in-law. 

Something that doesn’t happen every day

My fast-acting colleague, Gary Crooks, assisted in corralling a couple of runaway ponies this morning on the South Hill. They had crossed some busy streets and the story could have had an unhappy conclusion. But it all ended up OK.

Who says Spokane has lost its Western flavor?

Here's The Spokesman-Review editorial board about to have a meeting.      

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