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Rank “Rawhide” lyrics as lifestyle advice

3. “Keep them dogies rollin'.”

2. “Keep movin', movin', movin'.”

1. “Don' try to understand 'em.”

Here’s a helpful hint

Before getting all huffy and going into “I want to speak to the manager” mode, ask yourself one question.

“Am I an utter moron?”

If yes, you might want to rethink your position.

I came in to the office this morning to find an email rebuke from a reader who had failed to understand the easily grasped point of a recent Slice item. She offered me a brief lecture on my “mistake.”

Fine. She's an idiot. We all are now and then. I wrote back and said I was aware that Christopher Columbus did not have a ship called the Pinto. (Someone having made that error was the whole basis of the column item.)

But here's what I really loved. She sent a copy of her email to the editor of this newspaper. I guess she wanted to get me in hot water.

How nice.

My hope is that this critic was drunk or is actually a child. Otherwise, she might be one of the 20 stupidest people I have dealt with in 19-plus years of doing this column. And believe me, the competition for that status has been ferocious.  

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