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Grand Spokane Marmot Beard Contest

Here's an email that arrived this morning from Steve Hintyesz.

“Hello Paul,

“I watched a pretty funny story yesterday about men growing beards and then shaving them into shapes of animals. I think this would be a great charity fundraiser for the downtown and Garland district music festivals to raise money for the Spokane Food Bank. This is a little late this year, but the Grand Spokane Marmot Beard Contest, along with great music (could be a hit). We probably have to wait a year, since the stubble we have now will not even qualify for a chipmunk.”

Marmot Lodge meeting postponed

The gathering never having been announced, it seems like a good idea to reschedule.

Let's shoot for 2014, when we can push it back once again. I have found that never actually having the meetings works best for everyone's calendars.

According to the info accompanying the photo below, the critters at that woman's feet are Tibetan marmots. I think I've read that they are considered a food source there. So maybe she's tending her herd.

No sense trying to warn them at this point. “'To Serve Marmot'…it's…it's a COOKBOOK!”

Today’s online search suggestion

Try entering: “The Big Lebowski” “not a marmot”

Just like that. Both at the same time, quote marks included.

Leads to some valuable discussions and a fine reminder that some have a true gift for wasting time.  

Reader with a question

Jim Markley emailed me an image of a 1605 Italian master's watercolor called “Marmot with Plums.”

That was nice of him.

“What could possibly be a better way to start Friday?” he wondered.

Good question.

A) Sleeping in. B) Time travel and activities involving the young Ann-Margret. C) Getting a call about having been named in the will of some secretly wealthy individual you were nice to way back when. D) Seeing a moving van in front of the house across the street rented by the human noisemaker with the “Hell Riders” sticker on the window of his truck. E) Being able to answer someone's obscure question off the top of your head. F) Other.

Q and A with a Slice reader

“Just wondering,” wrote Robin Bayley of Chattaroy. “What percentage of Slice readers get a little tired of all the marmot stories/conversations, etc.?”

The answer is 27 percent of readers and 49 percent of marmots.

Play along at home

Today's Slice column involves replacing 40 animal references in song titles with “Marmot” or “Marmots.”

You know. “I've Got a Marmot By the Tail.” And so on.

But by no means did I exhaust the possibilities. So I invite you to try your hand at it.

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