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Co-workers fighting with spouses on phone

When was the heyday?

Certainly technology has made arguments of that nature less of a spectator sport.

I'll say that peaked in 1987.

The first year of marriage

The warm weather reminded me of something.

Long ago and far away, I wrote a feature story about the first year of marriage.

I don't remember every detail, of course. But more than one source in the story cautioned that a common bump in the road involved people getting over the glow of courtship and realizing that something they cheerfully tolerated while dating actually annoyed the hell out of them.

In other words, those in the thrall of new love sometimes do almost anything to please the other person in the relationship. Happily.

“Sure, Sweetie. I'd love to.”

But then during that first year of marriage, we come to our senses. We remember our likes and dislikes.

Can you guess what a couple of counselors cited as an example of something newlyweds eventually resisted?


Keeping track of who is still married

A friend was talking about encountering a Spokane man who turned out to be a good guy.

But here's the thing. My friend knew that the fellow was at one time married to a woman my friend had worked with a few years ago. He wasn't sure, though, that they were still a couple.

He had heard something about a divorce or almost-divorce.

So he wisely steered clear of that whole subject.

Smart man. There are so many situations where it is simply better to say nothing.

I was at a gathering about a year ago where I encountered a man I knew but had not seen in many years. I reminded him of a cookout we had attended not long after I moved to Spokane in the late '80s. At that time, his first child was just a few days away from being born.

He didn't seem to warm to this congenial stroll down memory lane. Later, I figured out why.

The wife standing with him at that event last year was not the same wife who had been great with child at that cookout almost 25 years ago.

Re: Giving advice to newlyweds

Who most enjoys giving advice to newlyweds?

A) People who have had perfect marriages. B) People who think they have had perfect marriages. C) People who have been divorced more than once. D) People who want to share hard-earned insights. E) People who like to say “Plastics” even when the conversation is not about career paths. F) People who have never been married. G) People who sincerely believe that they have learned a few things since their wedding day. H) People who think tricks or tactics are the key to sharing your life with another. I) People who have been to counseling. J) People whose ideas about marital harmony mostly come from comedians appearing on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” K) Other.  

Remodeling and relationships

“We bought our current house, which needed no remodeling, after living in a house that did,” wrote Mike McKeehan. “I managed to improve the master bedroom and family room in the old house. But there was still much that Judy wanted done and which I am not good at nor fond of doing. She finally decided she wanted a new house or a new husband so we got our current one.”

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