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Condoms and camping

A friend recalls some long-ago confusion, in Friday's Slice column.

And if it offends you, all I can say is you must enjoy being offended.

Food truck dress code

So I am standing with a friend next to a food truck parked near 1st and Washington.

We're waiting for our orders.

A young guy in a maroon sweatshirt and jeans approaches. The woman inside the truck sees him coming and makes a face. A disapproving face.

See continues looking at him and says, “You couldn't take a shower or something?”

He shrugs.

Good grief, I think. Since when do you have to dress up to patronize a taco truck?

In Spokane, no less.

But the woman in the window of the truck explains. “He's my little brother. It's my job to give him a hard time.”

How’s that again?

A friend and his wife tried a new restaurant.

“As the hostess seated us she asked if it was our first time there. We said it was and she proceeded to explain 'we are a tapas restaurant.'”

My friend thought she said “topless.”

“She must have noticed my quizzical look becasue she added 'we serve small plates.'”


“Perhaps my hearing is going or maybe it's just all the talk about Spokane's bikini baristas.”

No one else will ask you this today

When you first heard of the Civil War era underground railroad, did you think it was some sort of big subway system?

Picking up a few things at the store

An express-lane cashier looked up and said “How are you two doing today?”

Then, immediately, she realized the man and woman next in line were not together. Each had a shopping basket.

No one was troubled, of course.

But it would have been the perfect moment for the checker to ask, “Did you find everything you were looking for?”

The woman in line could have said to the cashier, “Well, apparently I found this guy here — do you have a coupon I can use?”

Not making this up

A Spokane friend who has a place over at Bayview told me this.

Apparently the advanced smart-phones with the Siri voice technology have been known to misunderstand spoken references to the North Idaho town of Athol.

“Now, now,” the computer responded on at least one occasion.

If people don’t understand your humor

They might assume you are less than super-smart.

Say, for instance, you enjoy quoting lines from the 2000 Christopher Guest movie “Best in Show.”

And let's further suppose that a co-worker or casual acquaintance overhears you telling someone on the phone, “If you get hungry, eat something.”

A person overhearing that might well wonder if you or the individual to whom you were speaking inhabit a land of absurd obviousness.

When, in fact, it's just your grand sense of humor. Or at least Christopher Guest's.

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