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Life in 2013

At my sister-in-law's house in Michigan, they have a motion detector/camera by the front door.

I think they mostly got it to keep track of a formerly feral cat they had gradually introduced to a life of relative comfort and ease.

Anyway, the camera unit automatically emails a series of photos of the person or animal on the front porch to both her and her husband's phones.

Well, a Fedex delivery man arrived at the front door with golf clubs that had been sent home to the Midwest from California by her husband.

My sister-in-law didn't hear the doorbell nor did she see the front door emails. But her husband, who was still in California, did. So he called and reported that the Fedex guy had tried to deliver his clubs.

My sister-in-law hopped in her car and tracked down the Fedex truck there in their development. She took possession of the golf clubs.

The formerly feral cat presumably requested that there be a little less commotion while napping was in progress.

Life in this century

How often do you misplace your portable phone and, to help track it down, have to call the number from a land line or from someone else's cell phone? 

Texting idiocy

So I duck into the downtown post office and head for the service counters.

There's one employee on duty, and he is busy with a customer. One other person, a young man in a hoodie, is positioned about 10 or 15 feet away from the service counter.

I can't tell if he is waiting to be helped or if he is with the lone customer at the counter.

They make it pretty clear where you are supposed to stand to wait in there, and he is nowhere near that spot. But as he has his head down and is concentrating on his phone, it occurs to me that he might have failed to observe the sign. So I ask him if he is in line.

“Yes, I'm in line,” he says in a vaguely hostile manner. Never looking up. Never looking at me.

Perhaps I interrupted him in the middle of a particulary crucial “Waaasssuppp?” text.

The headline: “Rookie Blogger Arrested for Decking Useless Punk on Federal Property” appears in my mind.

I start to explain about proper line-forming protocol and quickly decide not to waste my time.

I go stand where you are supposed to stand and wait my turn.

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