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Looking ahead to office holiday parties

Last year, after I threatened to accept an invitation to attend an office Christmas party at a downtown Spokane advertising agency, something happened.

The bosses there realized that I might actually show up. So they decided to cancel plans for the on-site festivities and instead flew the entire staff to Las Vegas. They had the party there.

Hey, I know when I'm not wanted.

So what are they going to do this year? I have no idea.

But perhaps if I go ahead and declare my intention to show up at the 2013 Christmas party, the bosses will decide to fly everyone to Paris. Or something.

So I am making my intentions clear and official: I'm coming.

I figure it's the least I can do for the good people who work there.

How does your office party compare?

The partners at Spokane's Magner Sanborn consulting group are taking their whole crew to Las Vegas for 16 hours of pre-Christmas celebrating.

Let's hope this results in some frolic and antics that, as they say, have to “stay in Las Vegas.”  

Looking ahead to office Christmas party

Two or three years ago, an engaging fellow at the Magner Sanborn advertising/brand design agency invited me to stop by their downtown Spokane offices sometime.

I haven't done it yet. But I am still planning to take him up on the offer. (I checked and have been assured that the invite has yet to expire.)

Why the foot-dragging?

Well, I'll tell you. At some point, I got it in my head that the perfect time to barge in on those creative folks would be during their office Christmas party.

But there's a problem. Reality, at least modern reality, could not hope to compete with the party I have conjured in my imagination.

For one thing, I'm sure the smart men and women at Magner Sanborn conduct themselves in the manner of self-actualized, mature grownups. And so, the notion that they would salute the Christmas season by drinking too much, groping clients' spouses and generally behaving as if it is 1962 is, well, ridiculous.

I'm sure they are fun people. And I am quite confident that they know how to have a good time.

But let's face it. This is 2012. We are into consequences now.

Letting it all hang out has long ceased to be a good idea — even at ad agency parties.

Or so I imagine.

Still, I have to admit that I enjoy my little fantasy about the agency's holiday gathering. I like to picture people dancing on desks and shouting “Hi-yooooooo!” I like to envision spiked punch, hilarious toasts and liberties being taken.

Of course, for me to take part in anything remotely resembling that would first require a personality transplant.

But that's the thing about fantasy. You can enjoy it even when you know it's make-believe.  

A different era

We all know the rip-roaring office Christmas party is a thing of the past. But that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy film/TV depictions of how it supposedly used to be. My own favorite is in the 1960 Academy Award winner, “The Apartment.”

Though there's something to be said for the treatment of this theme in “Mad Men.”

What's  your favorite scene featuring a booze-fueled office Christmas party?

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