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Did you watch this?

What do you think?

I am militantly pro-vaccination, just to put my cards on the table.

Have you watched this?

If so, what do you think of it?

“American Experience” and “War Letters”

I wonder how many of us who watched will have troubled dreams tonight.

DVR alert

Tomorrow night, the consistently watchable PBS series takes a look at the pivotal year of 1964.

Two kinds of people this morning

Those talking about “Downton Abbey.”

And those who aren't.

Would it lower your opinion of ESPN?

If, as some contend, it's fair to say the NFL approached the network and told ESPN to distance itself from the PBS “Frontline” investigation of the league's handling of concussions and ESPN acquiesced, would you think less of ESPN?

Or did you never have any illusions about what the “Worldwide Leader” would do when it came to remembering who butters its bread?

Ever watched this?

At first glance, it seems like it could be saccharine. It's not.

Re: Last night’s “Downton Abbey”

If you are a fan of the show and were not satisfied with last night's Season 3 kick-off, I would be tempted to assume that there's just no pleasing you.

Did you watch “The Dust Bowl”?


I recorded both Sunday night's and Monday night's installments but haven't had a chance to watch yet.

The company you keep

I never met Jesse Owens, but we were in the same hospital once.

Shortly before he died in 1980, he was undergoing cancer treatment at the University of Arizona medical center. I covered a news conference at that hospital as a reporter for the morning paper in Tucson.

It's not much of a link, I admit. But ever since, seeing or hearing the track legend's name always catches my attention. And so it was last night when I noticed that the “American Experience” on PBS was about Owens.

Maybe you have wondered the same thing upon seeing footage of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin and hearing once again the story of how Hitler refused to shake the gold medal-winning black man's hand.

How do modern American racists feel when they see that? Is that who they want to philosophically link arms with — the Nazis? Doesn't that link shame them?

Fortunately, no matter how many times you watch, Jesse Owens always wins.

And the clock was already ticking on the Nazis.   

Did you watch the PBS show on dam?

You know, the PBS “American Experience” on Grand Coulee Dam.

I recorded it Tuesday and watched it last night. I had a couple of quibbles, but thought it was pretty good.

Would be interested in knowing what others thought.

“Downton Abbey” withdrawal

Rick Clapp shared this.

“With the end of Season 2 of the popular 'Downton Abbey' series on PBS this weekend, a co-worker of mine (at WSU Riverpoint) was heard to say that she was 'Not addicted, Don't care, Could stop watching it anytime.'

“A few minutes later she was seen asking some of the nursing faculty if anyone could provide a prescription for 'Downtonadone' until Season 3 next January.

“She wasn't able to get one, but was offered access to Season 1 on CDs, to help her withdraw more gradually. Nurses are kind like that.”

Death comes calling at “Downton Abbey”

A reader named Alice called to say she is sure the coming flu epidemic is going to claim a victim and alter the storyline in the PBS series. 

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