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Christmas cat

I am aware that there are one or two photos of felines on the Web. But this one cracked me up.

Something tells me that if you said “Get out of there” to that animal, it would not obey. 

Pets on web cameras

We all know countless people exchange email photos of their pets with friends and relatives in other parts of the country. Then there are pet pictures on Facebook, et cetera.

But I wonder how many pet owners around here include their animal companions in web camera visits with, say, a daughter in North Carolina or a grandparent in Montana.

And how many of these pets look at the screen and see the image of far-away animal companions looking back at them?

My guess is that, at almost any given moment, someone in the Inland Northwest is gently holding a cat's front leg and simulating a friendly wave to a web-cam feline somewhere a thousand miles away.

Not to mention doing the squeaky voice.

“Hi, Pookie! It's me, Chloe! How're you doing?”

Yes, certain people in our midst are nuts. But it's the kind of sweet craziness that makes you love them even more.

One more pet-on-the-bed story

“Our cat was not allowed on the bed,” wrote Lois Bender. “So in the daytime he would crawl under the bedspread where he thought we couldn't see him.”

Of course, there was a problem with his plan. The large lump o' feline under the bedspread was a bit obvious.  

Something in the air

Judging by the multiple aroma belts I rode through between home and the Review Tower this morning, I'm guessing a fair number of free-ranging pets arrived home late last night smelling pretty skunky.

This date in Slice history (1996)

Five-year-old Spencer Price said his male cat had to go to the vet to be “noodled.” 

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