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Are you good at giving directions?

I like to think that I am, but I might be wrong.

What personality type comes to mind

When you encounter the phrase “bragging rights”?

How many guys here own a tuxedo?

I'll guess 11 in Spokane.

Eleven, if you include Idaho.

Oh, sure lots of men have rented one on any number of occasions. But you will note I said “own.”

Browne’s Addition: Then and now

I have a theory. I believe 17% of those who reside in Spokane lived in Browne's Addition at one time or another.

I include myself in that 17%.

Anyway, I also believe that many of those who lived in that neighborhood west of downtown believe it was cooler when they were there than it is now. Personally, I would not make that claim. But I know others do.

In any event, here's the question — for those who were Browne's Addition residents at some point.

How has Browne's Addition changed since you lived there?

A) The restaurant/bar scene is better. B) I wouldn't know. Never go back. C) My guess is that fewer criminals live there now. D) All that has changed is the traffic rotary. E) The restaurant/bar scene is less inviting. F) I assume rents have gone up. G) It's not as cool because the 25-year-old version of me no longer lives there. H) That annual music festival now offers an organized opportunity to urinate on lawns. l) Other.

Just wondering

When you read or hear some dyspeptic individual ask “And this is news because…?” have you ever — even once — thought that the answer was not perfectly obvious to anyone who didn't have a corn cob intruding on their person?

A lesser conspiracy theory

Has anyone looked into the possibility that the makers of plastic clamshell packaging and the big band-aid companies might be one and the same?

Just wondering

Does it really make sense to exhort the uninterested, unengaged and apathetic to vote?

If your daughter became a cheerleader

How would you react?

A) Pride. B) Embarrassment. C) At least it is some sort of organized activity that does not involve taking drugs and committing crimes with a bunch of loser friends. D) I would assume that this is her way of rejecting all of my values. E) I would support her and bite my tongue a lot. F) If her grades continued to be high, I would not object. G) Other.

Should a couple marry if they disagree…


1) Evolution.

2) Gun policy.

3) The definition of “dressed up.”

4) The need to be aware of what takes place in slaughterhouses.

5) How closely their family vehicle needs to resemble a tank.

6) The role of sci-fi or spectator sports in a life well-lived.

Two for Tuesday

1. Is it more apt to be a good thing or a bad thing if several of your colleagues refer to the boss as “Billy Idol”?

2. Ever audibly chuckled when looking at the Caller I.D. readout and thinking, “Yeah, like I'm gonna answer that”? 

Just wondering

In your experience, what is the biggest difference between 20th century casseroles and 21st century casseroles?

Why do you have no interest in hockey?

A) Can't relate to it because I did not grow up where it is a school sport.

B) It is impossible to see the puck during goalmouth scrambles and at many other times.

C) Growing up seeing pictures of toothless hockey players sort of suggested to me that it was not the most elegant athletic endeavor.

D) I'm not really interested in any sport.

E) I prefer sports with more of an antebellum plantation aspect. 

F) The fighting. What a farce.

G) The fighting. I know there aren't brawls in college hockey but I don't live where first-tier college hockey is played.

H) The fighting. I know certain fans find it something to cheer about. I just don't want to hang out with those people.

I) I don't like sports not dominated by Americans.

J) The pushing and shoving after a whistle gets old.

K) Why didn't Todd Bertuzzi do jail time?

L) After watching a few games during the Winter Olympics, the WHL and NHL brands of the sport seem like pretty weak tea.

M) Never actually played the game myself, so I really have no idea what's going on out there on the ice. Every move comes as a surprise to me.

N) Most subjective refereeing this side of umpires calling balls and strikes.

O) Who says I have no interest in hockey?

P) Not enough scoring.

Q) Intensity in NHL games is questionable until the playoffs. 

R) Prefer outdoor sports.

S) Other.

Friday trivia question

What place did Idaho-born poet Ezra Pound describe as “the sixth circle of hell”?

When do you stop being a “Californian”?

A) After you lived up here for 10 years. B) 20 years. C) 30 years. D) After you register to vote up here. E) I thought people here got over that sort of thinking back in the 1980s. F) Depends on what you paid for a house. G) When you are able to say to a high percentage of Spokane area residents who came here from other places, “Been here way longer than you, pal.” H) Other.

Here is your “Jeopardy”-esque answer:

“Memphis,” “Kansas City” and “El Paso.”

So what's the question?

It has nothing to do with barbecue.

Why do so many NFL linemen look fat?

A) Because they are.

B) In order to maintain the tremendous muscle mass in their butts and thighs, they need to consume an ungodly amount of calories. So while that often produces a flabby belly, it is all in the service of maintaining strength.

C) Snacking.

D) Sheer bulk that can move short distances at impressive speed is the name of the game.

E) They are not concerned about the appearance of their abs.

F) Other.

Multiple choice for men of a certain age

Do you ever adjust your belt in public?

A) Well, it has been a long time since I allowed the desire to be cool rule my life. But no, I am not that guy yet. B) Sometimes I do, if the appropriate belt notch for sitting in the driver's seat is one looser than the notch that's right for walking around. C) You would have to more precisely define “public.” It can be done in a quick, subtle way that does not attract attention. D) Look, certain pants and certain postures require that you occasionally change the belt setting on the go. You don't have to be some human land barge staggering away from the buffet. E) The setting that is comfortable for sitting at my desk isn't the same I require for being up and moving around. So, sometimes I have to if I want to keep my pants from sliding down my hips F) No. I am not Grampa McCoy. G) I wear suspenders. H) Other.

If you wore a body camera on the job…

…what would the recorded images show?

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