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Just wondering

In your opinion, what was the biggest difference between TV's “Cheers” and most real bars?

Just wondering

When you were school age, did you ever have a year where you changed a lot between the end of classes in the spring and the start of the next grade in September?

Just wondering

How many pet owners use the verb “slop” when referring to taking care of their animals? 

Just wondering

When you are setting up a first face-to-face meeting with someone at a public place, how do describe the way you look?

Just wondering

If you were out choppin' cotton on this date, what, in all likelihood, would your brother be doing?

Which proves you are a Communist?

Caring about the Tour de France bike race?

Or caring about the World Cup soccer tournament?

Just wondering

Have you ever driven a car faster than 100 miles per hour?

True or False

This man was the mayor of Spokane.

Two questions

1. Can you name the movie in which Rosie O'Donnell plays the features editor at the newspaper where reporter Meg Ryan works?

2. If you had ever encountered Peggy Lipton, what would you have said to her?

A) “You were not the major problem with 'The Mod Squad.'” B) “Did you know 'Twin Peaks' would be a hit?” C) “Where did you stay when you were up in Northeast Washington for filming of 'The Postman'?” D) Other. 

Just wondering

What part of Spokane has never been called “trendy”?

Just wondering

Because of access issues, what is the hardest place in your home to clean and what is the certainty that someone making a service call at your place will want to get there?

Just wondering

If personal watercraft engines could be made super-quiet would people in the market for these toys welcome that development?  

Sizing things up

How big does a business have to be before people no longer assume that someone working there knows everyone else (in every department) employed by that enterprise?

And your little dog too

I have a question.

You know how you'll be ambling or rolling down the street and a poorly trained little dog being walked on a leash will hurl itself in your direction with all the ridiculous ferocity it can muster?

Sure. Happens with some regularity. The petite canine lunges with violent force and the person holding the leash pulls back as if trying to land a small marlin.

Well, here's what I wonder.

Why don't these dogs choke themselves into unconsciousness when doing this zero-to-60 routine?

Insufficient throw-weight? Rigid collars that don't cinch tightly around the neck?

If you have a theory, please share.

By the way, I have nothing against little dogs. Some of their owners, though, I could do without.

At your workplace…

…what's the equivalent of infield chatter?


Your driver’s license weight

What will be the implications for its accuracy if you eat as much tomorrow as you probably will?

In the wake of the news

So how many other Spokane cyclists are carrying shotguns?

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