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Two for Tuesday

1. How many guys in the Inland Northwest could pull off wearing a seersucker suit?

(I encountered one such gentleman over the weekend. But I blew my chance to use a line that doesn't fit just any old occasion. Noting his attire and knowing he is a lawyer, I should have said, “Good afternoon, Atticus.”)

2. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest score), how would you rate your ability to find shady parking spots?  

Four on the floor

1. As I seem to mention every year, a Top 10 episode of “The Twilight Zone” first aired on this date in 1962. Called “The Hunt,” its small cast included a guy who now lives next to Audubon Park and a woman married to a man from Spokane.

2. Remember, in 1987's “Broadcast News,” when Tom gives Aaron that tip about sitting on the tail of your suit jacket when at the anchor desk to give your shoulders a clean, crisp line? Sure. Well, how often do you find yourself thinking someone on TV needed that exact advice? To me, the worst offender is PBS “NewsHour” commentator Mark Shields. His jacket is almost always ridiculously bunched up. Makes him look like a turtle.

3. Had lunch today at a Spokane assisted living facility. A retired nun at the next table offered a critique of the Spokane Chiefs' power play.

4. Some drivers who definitely do not regard themselves as SUV people can nonetheless recall thinking the Jeep Cherokee had a certain appeal 30 years ago. Are there any of those still on the road in Spokane?

Give me five

1. It is possible to discuss the pronunciation of “poinsettia” in a calm manner.

2. Some people who don't eat meat but are not performance vegetarians will confide in certain company that the aroma of steaks and roasts cooking never loses its allure.

3. Compliance with burn bans appears to be spotty at best.

4. You wouldn't be the first to ask yourself, “What am I doing living in the midst of voters who elect someone like that?”

5. Driving around and looking at holiday lights just isn't the same without snow.   

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