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Slice Blog Editor’s Note

I will be out of the office next week. So the Slice Blog is going to be a one post per-day operation until Monday, Oct. 13.

Thanks for checking out this blog.

Slice Blog back to normal tomorrow

Normal, of course, being a relative concept.

Thanks for putting up with today's Easter basket of reruns.

Here’s the plan

1. You go ahead and do whatever it was you were planning to do today.

2. I'll take the day off.

3. We'll meet back here on Tuesday.

The continuing saga

Now the story is that, instead of being a little blog post, the much-discussed item greeted readers who picked up their morning paper.

Can't wait for the next development.

Fill this out and get it back to me asap

Actually, there's no rush about filling this out. The Slice Blog is going to be on hiatus for a week.

Be back Monday 10/29 with some scary-good pre-Halloween time wasting. Get ready for Space Filler Theater.

If in the days ahead you find yourself wondering how come the print Slice keeps coming out (which it will) while the blog is on vacation, just remember that line from “Shakespeare in Love.”

It's a mystery.

Blog Special: Looking for a Volunteer

I have an idea.

Certainly you are familiar with the Burl Ives seasonal classic, “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.”

Well, you know the line “Say hello to friends you know and everyone you meet”?

What if someone actually did that?

I propose that we find out.

Before Christmas, on a date to be selected later, I intend to spend one hour walking around downtown Spokane saying “Hello” to everyone I meet.

But I want someone to help me. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, would be to occasionally spell me on the nonstop greeting of strangers and maybe help out with the notes-taking.

You would need a good attitude and a decent pair of walking shoes.

And don't worry. You will not be asked to say “Kiss her once for me.”

Asked and answered

Q: Is there a unifying concept behind the Slice blog?

A: Yes. Sometimes things that interest me are also of interest to others.

As I was saying

I should warn you. Space restrictions in print have left me with a pent-up urge to use illustrations.

So perhaps I should start trying to get that out of my system right now.

Asking readers to sing the old Hamm's beer jingle — and listening to the results when more than 100 did just that — was one of my favorite experiences in 19 years of writing The Slice. Do you know the tune? (Photo from Farm5.static)




This is what life was like before blogs. (


This is the “Iron Man” from 2000 in which Spokane was threatened. (



 When, as a kid, I got Art to sign a baseball for me, he took his time and checked out all the autographs that had come before his. (

Who doesn't love vintage postcards? (


I referred to this 1965 Buick ad earlier this month and one reader thought I was kidding about the “howitzer” line. (

If the Columbia Record Club calls, tell them I'm out. (

They're doing The Marmot. (

OK, let's move on. 

Welcome to The Slice blog

I'm guessing you have questions.

Q: Why is there a Slice blog?

A: Why not.

Q: Isn't six columns a week in print enough?

A: This will be different.

Q: How so?

A: Give it a little time. You'll see.

Q: What if I don't like The Slice?

A: As is the case with the print column, reading The Slice blog will be voluntary.

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