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Coming Thursday in The Slice Blog

Photographic evidence that I made good on my pledge to help a reader rake leaves.

My first choice was the widow of one of my faithful correspondents, who died this year. But after an initial exchange of emails, she disappeared on me. Don't know what happened.

My second pick was a retired teacher over in Wilbur, Wash. But it turned out she is a snowbird and she left for Arizona before Halloween. Her leaves were still on the trees at that time.

At that point, I more or less muttered to myself, “Aw, to hell with it, I'm just going to pick someone I would like to meet.”

That's how I wound up at the home of a retired advertising executive with whom I have been exchanging emails for years.

I had a really nice time.

Maybe I should see if any Slice reader wants help shoveling snow.

Asking grade-school teachers for help

Please see Friday's Slice column.

Something about cats

See tomorrow's Slice column.

If the suspense doesn't kill you.

Coming in Tuesday’s Slice column

Another fake interview.

Each time I do one of those, I tell myself “That's the last one of these I am cranking out.”

But then time passes and I find myself dipping into that well once again.

Yes, it is a lazy, occasionally insipid format. Still, it's a handy way to parody attitudes that, in my opinion, hold Spokane back.

But you can decide for yourself.

Coming in Saturday’s Slice

Readers will be asked what special-theme options have been overlooked by those who choose license-plate designs.

Possibly the lamest Slice column ever

There have been quite a few contenders over the years. But Tuesday's column has to be in the running.

Check it out tomorrow and see for yourself.

Coming in Friday’s Slice

Kids vs. Parents title bout — shopping for school clothes.

Talking smack

Tomorrow in the Slice column.

Thursday’s Slice

The only claim I will make is it might prompt a particular food craving.

Coming in Thursday’s Slice column

My plan to reward lawful behavior with cash.

Giving you the time of day

See tomorrow's Slice column, as I weigh in on my favorite part of the day.

Teeing one up for Slice haters

I've cobbled together more than 5,000 Slice columns over the years. But tomorrow's offering might be the fattest pitch I have ever served up to my less-civil critics looking for a short, simple expression with which to bash my column.

Trading sex for potato salad

See Tuesday's Slice column.

Coming in Friday’s Slice column

Ideas for observing a Spokane calendar confluence.

Coming in Thursday’s Slice column

My suggestion: Many of those who criticize high-profile people who leave Spokane to take exciting new jobs are utterly unfamiliar with what it is like to have career options.

Also, was going to ask how many pit bull owners graduated from high school, but decided that might not be fair to the two or three who did.

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