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The Slice question from 9/23/96

What's the difference between people who say “fall” and those who say “autumn”?

The Wednesday Slice question

(My wife came across an online discussion of this theme, and I think it's an interesting topic. So I'm borrowing the question.)

What's something that is common knowledge in your profession but not widely known by those outside your field? 

The Sci-Fi Slice question

What if you woke up tomorrow and the only people left on Earth were those you had seen with your own eyes in the course of your life?

Your family would be there, of course. So would friends, colleagues, classmates, fellow jurors and neighbors. But countless others still here tomorrow morning would have virtually no connection to you — except that you had once seen them.

You might have seen them when you were 4. You might have glimpsed them in passing in an airport, stadium or theater.

Maybe you saw them when you were backpacking across Europe or while in the military and stationed in Japan. Or Germany. Or South America.

Perhaps you saw them on a college campus, in a bustling downtown while on vacation or at a world's fair, music festival or political rally.

Maybe you saw them in a Philadelphia hospital or Kansas City bus station. In an Ohio amusement park you visited when you were 10. Or on a cruise to Alaska. 

Maybe you saw them while touring a prison in Tennessee, while dining in a Boston restaurant or while using a restroom during a cross-country road trip in Canada when you were 20.

At Disneyland, the Grand Canyon or a Sudanese refugee center.

Some famous. Most not.

You need not have spoken to them. They just had to pass through your field of vision for an instant sometime in your life.

These individuals — assuming they are still alive on this special morning — are the only people left on Earth.

So here's the question.

What would an illuminated map of the world's population look like?

This date in Slice history (1996)

Today's Slice question: What do you learn about Spokane by going to home-for-sale open houses?

The Wednesday Slice question

What does a cul-de-sac symbolize to you?

This date in Slice history (1999)

What business or lifestyle trend presented by the media as universal and inescapable is not even remotely reflected in your experience?

This date in Slice history (1997)

Today's Slice question: What's the ultimate Inland Northwest putdown? (Our pick: “You spend a lot of time indoors, don't you?”)

This date in Slice history (1995)

Warm-up questions: Does anyone still leave the key under the mat? So what does it mean if a marmot see its shadow? If they made a sitcom based on your office, what would be the name of the show?

The Wednesday Slice question

How do you feel about the name of your street?

This date in Slice history (1995)

Today's Slice question: Which of your co-workers holds the record for the most phone calls in one day from a spouse or significant other?

This date in Slice history (1996)

Today's Slice question: What ingredients would go in a drink called a “Double Spokane”?

The Wednesday Slice question

Which do you prefer?

A) “There's always something.” B) “Well, there you go.” C) “If it's not one damn thing, it's another.” D) “What fresh hell is this?” E) “So it goes.” F) Other.

Just wondering

Should downtown Spokane become a gated community?

A few questions about room monitors

What ever became of those drunk-with-power grade-school kids who were eager to be assigned the role of taking names of misbehaving classmates when the teacher had to leave the room for a few minutes (probably to have a cigarette)?

Is this where some people first learned that accusations of wrongdoing could be a highly subjective matter?

Why didn't these overzealous room monitors seem to notice that there were hardly ever any real consequences for those on the list of alleged perpetrators?

In your circle, were enthusiastic tattletales ever targeted for frontier justice after school?

Bonus questions

Keri Yirak wonders how many cooks burn one particular dish every time they make it.

She noted that her mother has been burning cornbread muffins since the dawn of Man.

And Don Moore wondered how cashiers feel about it when a customer reaches into a pocket and extracts some bills so incredibly wadded up as to be almost unrecognizable as money.

He wanted to see Stephanie Vigil naked

Years ago, The Slice column asked what local person readers would like to see naked.

One caller, who had been in my column before and who identified himself on this occasion, named the Q6 anchor. He was quite straight-forward and matter-of-fact about it. No heavy breathing. Just red-blooded curiosity. 

As I recall, when it came time to run a few answers to that question, I didn't use his name nor did I mention Ms. Vigil specifically. I think I made some vague allusion to a TV news on-air personality. Or something.

So anyway, yesterday I got an email from that same guy about an altogether different matter. At least I was pretty sure it was the same guy.

I wanted to remind him of that long-ago phoned-in answer and tell him that it had cracked me up at the time.

But what if it wasn't the same guy? Wouldn't a different reader properly conclude that I am nuts, or worse?

In the end, I managed to cobble together a cryptic allusion to that earlier matter. And my correspondent was kind enough to acknowledge that, yes, that had been him.

Let's move on.

Just wondering

If it has been ages since you spent any time in bars, how can you be sure that, in 2012, they aren't really anything like the ones depicted in beer commercials?     

Just wondering

Who holds the record for clicking on “Ask me later” the most consecutive mornings?

Just wondering

If you had a dollar for every time you have forgotten to release your car's emergency brake, how much money would you have?

Body work

What would you guess is the No. 1 most popular Spokane area structure, inhabitant or natural feature used as inspiration for locally-themed tattoos? The Clock Tower? The jail? Lilacs? Feral cats? An RV?

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