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Multiple choice

When you are purchasing a newspaper or magazine and the cashier holds it up and makes some comment about one of the stories that reflects an opinion/attitude you do not share, what do you do?

A) Say nothing. Don't care what cashier thinks. Just want to get out of there. B) I say “I disagree” but pursue it no further. C) Ask the cashier how he or she arrived at the apparent conclusion that everyone thinks the same way. D) Usually ignore it, but if it pertains to, say, some household-level environmental policy, I might say: “I don't think it's silly at all. If everyone cleaned up his act just a little bit, it would have a big impact. Does it bother you to confront the fact that other people are capable of challenging themselves to be better and you are not?” E) “First time seeing a newspaper?” F) Other. 

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