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‘Tis the season

For putting soft drinks in the freezer and forgetting them.

When was the last time you did that? Did it go kablooie?

Let’s play “Where is his hand?”

A) Holding another bottle of Pepsi. B) Somewhere that reflects that he is, in fact, thinking young. C) Somewhere harmless. D) Poised gently atop her bra clasp. E) Scratching his knee. F) In some gentlemanly no-man's land. G) Softly wiping excess hair cream on the back of her skirt. H) Sliding into third base. I) Other.

Regional labels for soft drinks

I know you can't really read that. But we're in “Pop” country.

Yellow and olive are “Soda.”

Red is “Coke.”

A penny for his thoughts

White socks AND high-waters. He's got it going on.

What exactly is this old ad saying?

Something about wearing a beret and sex appeal, I guess.

Find out more about this ad by clicking on the link and entering Spokane in the search bar.

Caption contest

I'll start.

“Bud, Pete and Charlie had never seen an Earth girl before.”

Why is she so happy?

A) That's how you feel when you think young. B) She is being paid for being pretty. C) It's only 1961. The Cold War wouldn't get really scary for another year. D) She finally got a fingernail on the popcorn shard that was driving her crazy. E) Other.

If you had to guess

What's going to lead to them breaking up?

A) It was a case of Dr. Jerkyl and Mr. Hands. B) Her taste in music. C) Her unwillingness to take a chance on getting pregnant. D) His hair. E) Her falling for someone who drank Pepsi. F) Politics. G) Other.

She must not have all her internal organs

Or maybe she is related to Barbie.

Though Mr. Suspenders doesn't seem to mind that the length of her legs clearly signals that she is not an Earth woman.

Scary hair style from another century

Is it just me or does that look like Shirley Jones?

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