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Anyone recognize her?

For me, the thing that makes this picture is the glass of milk.

Remembering admirable loyalty

After The Spokesman-Review and Spokane Chronicle combined staffs long ago, employees were supposed to identify themselves as representatives of both papers.

That's fine, in theory. But if you are making a bunch of phone calls, it gets to be a bit of a mouthful. So sometimes I just said I was with The Spokesman-Review.

Well, once in the late 1980s, I happened to call a woman named Hazel Barnes. Before retiring, she had written for the Chron for something like 30 years. I don't remember why I phoned her. But I do recall that I just said my name and that I was from the S-R.

I remember that because she stopped me right there and inquired about my failure to mention the Chronicle when identifying myself. She was nice about it. But she was insistent that the Chronicle needed to be acknowledged.

I doubt that I changed my ways. Still, after all this time, I remember her loyalty to the evening paper.

Delivering the news

I had fleetingly imagined the possible answer several times.

So maybe I was bound to be disappointed. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

There's this house on my route home from work. I pass it every weekday. Fastened about shoulder-high next to the front door is a Spokane Chronicle delivery tube. One of the distinctive orange ones.

As you know, the Chron hasn't been around for about 20 years. But you still see a few of the boxes.

Anyway, I always told myself that if I ever saw someone in the front yard I would comment on the delivery tube.  And ask “What's the deal?”

Today I did. A fellow with white hair emerged from the front door just as I was approaching. I called out that I admired his Spokane Chronicle box.

“Why?” he said.

Fair question. So, trying to be concise, I launched into a short spiel about remembering newspapers that are gone now.

He then explained, if I heard him right while circling in the street, that he got it from someone who had several because his previous mailbox didn't keep his letters and magazines dry.


Nothing about lingering loyalty to a stilled editorial voice or any of that. I should have known.

Still, it's a cool tube.  

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