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Bouncing boobs on Spokane TV news

How much of that do you want to see?

A) The amount Q6 had on at 5 today is about all I need. B) Is it essential to telling the story? C) The human body is nothing to be ashamed of. D) I'm still not over the KXLY woman mugging with Sarah Palin and posting a photo on her Facebook page. E) If jiggle news gets to be too much, the viewer is free to avert his or her eyes. F) Other. 

KXLY’s Kate Hudson commits heresy

Just a few minutes ago the smart, stylish Channel 4 producer/weather backup said two astonishing things on the air.

1. A cool day in June isn't the end of the world.

2. The possibility of a little rain should be taken in stride.

Or something to that effect. I was too stunned to be sure I was hearing correctly.

I thought Spokane TV news people had to sign an oath. You know, the one saying that they pledged to embrace the insanity that anything but 95 degrees and cloudless skies is cause for deep depression.

Remember her doing the weather here?

Bonus points if you can name the state where she won the “Miss (fill in the blank” Pageant.”

Scary Women Dept.

If you heard someone refer to the Spokane TV news reporter who looks like a “crazy-eyed ex-wife,” would you know who the speaker was talking about?

Spokane TV news anchors and Seahawks mania

Are the former genuinely fired up about the big game or do they simply feel that they have to come off that way even though they might not actually give a flying rip?

Could at least some of them be, you know, acting?

You make the call.

Local TV news and jobs for hair stylists

Over the years, certain Spokane TV news folks have changed their hair styles so many times it is impossible to escape the conclusion that at least a few local salons owe their continued existence to these ladies.

True or false

Twenty-five percent of the women working in Spokane TV news are named Breanna (various spellings).

Name the former Spokane news anchor…

…who has been on the cover of People magazine and had a cameo in “The Larry Sanders Show.”

Does Kris Crocker have new duties?

An emailer wonders if the longtime KXLY weather personality has become a special-features reporter at Channel 4.

I don't know. I suggested that my correspondent contact the station and ask.

But perhaps someone reading this has the answer.

Watching Spokane TV news

A channel-hopping Slice correspondent said he gets a kick out of it when at least two Spokane TV news shows have the same story and each claims it is an exclusive. 

Re: The height of local TV news anchors

There is an excellent chance that your assumptions are wrong.

The Wednesday Slice question

If you were the news director at a Spokane TV station, how would you cover wintry weather?

Reader challenge

Name the winner of the Miss Alaska pageant who worked in Spokane TV news as a weather spokesmodel some 20-25 years ago.

If you thought your teeth were white

Compare and contrast with this young woman employed in Spokane TV news. 

Where are they now file

Is it possible to visit another city and turn on the television without seeing someone who used to work in TV news in Spokane?

This asking-questions bit goes two ways

Readers sometimes ask me questions, instead of the other way around. Which is fine. Happy to help, when I can.

But one thing that comes up over and over leaves me shaking my head.

Readers want to know what happened to this or that Spokane TV news anchor, reporter or weather pointer after they seem to disappear without a trace.

I used to just forward these queries to Jim Kershner. But since he is no longer here, I have to come up with a new system.

Let's try this. I'll simply offer readers a multiple choice of possible answers.

A) Don't know. B) Don't care. C) Maybe he asked for more money. D) She got a job in a bigger market. E) I have never heard of the person to whom you are referring. F) He/she is just taking time off to allow the cosmetic surgery to heal. G) She got married and wants a different kind of life. H) It turned out that his commitment to our community was just a slogan. I) Wasn't cute enough and had trouble talking. J) Went into PR. K) Became a producer or got into sales. L) Decided to follow religious calling. M) Called longtime anchor “short stuff” in a meeting. N) Grew weary of the idea that people were just staring and not really listening to the breaking news about a garage fire. O) Married someone rich. P) He/she realized he/she wasn't really interested in the news and also hated doing featurey stuff. Q) Discovered that being recognized has a downside. R) Got tired of long-distance romance and moved to be with significant other. S) Other.  

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