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Sometimes life in 2013 seems silly

When did football players stop being able to handle a water bottle themselves?

Apparently they now need to have some sideline flunky squirt water in their mouths.

Have those who find soccer boring…

…ever heard Europeans share their reaction to baseball and American football?

They tend to be underwhelmed.

Just wondering

Has regular season interleague play made baseball's all-star game less special?

The Wednesday Slice question

What is the Spokane area's second-favorite major league baseball team?

Third favorite?


Body language

Do you place an invisible asterisk next to your respect for athletes who are able to excel at the highest level in part because of a genetic gift such as unusual height, being a pixie or whatever?

(I'm not suggesting that these attributes alone make top athletes special. Not for a second. But where training and talent could make someone a great soccer player or baseball shortstop, practice alone won't equip someone to be an NBA forward or NFL tackle if he doesn't have the right body type.)    

Multiple choice

How do you react to professional sports leagues in the United States crowning a “world champion”?

A) U.S.A.! U.S.A! B) It's embarrassing. The only competition that deserves to use that expression is soccer's World Cup. C) But we are the center of the universe. D) You mean they don't care about the World Series in most of the world? E) Who cares about other countries anyway? F) Other.

Just wondering

My mother-in-law saw a few St. Louis Browns games.

I wonder how many people can say they saw teams that no longer exist (or moved to other cities and acquired new names).

Reading the paper

Loved Jesse Tinsley's sports section photo of the GU women's coach and several of his players visiting with the legendary Rutgers coach.

Something about the scene just seemed so, well, sane.

Sure, the teams will compete hard later today. But there's no reason everyone can't be normal human beings until then.

I'm sure such scenes are not unheard of in top-level men's sports. But the people involved in women's athletics have always struck me as being a tad more feet-on-the-ground when it comes to keeping the big picture in perspective. 

Things conservatives tell themselves

OK, let's say you live in Eastern Washington and you are a sports fan who happens be a conservative. How do you rationalize rooting for Seattle sports teams when that city is the home base of your in-state political opposition?

1. “I realize politics is pretty scorched Earth right now. But the sports world is exempt.”

2. “I don't think the people who root for the Mariners and the Seahawks over there are actually Democrats or so-called Progressives. I think left-leaning types are too busy trying on lycra cycling wear and being performance locavores to care about real sports. No, the people in Seattle who care about pro teams are good conservatives.”

3. “I'm rooting for sports teams, not for that city's misguided electoral leanings.”

4. “Hey, I'm perfectly capable of being fair-minded about this. It's West Side liberals' fault that the M's and Hawks suck.”

5. “Maybe it IS giving aid and comfort to the enemy. But I have been waiting for one of those teams to win a championship since I was 14.” 

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