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The blossoms bonus

So you're standing beneath a flowering tree, all but gawking at the profusion of blossoms.

Then you see it, up high. A nest.

You look hard, to make sure. But there can be no mistaking it.

Is it active or a holdover?

You can't hear anything. There are no comings or goings. Not at that moment anyway.

You can look again later. You will look again later.

For the moment, all you can do is wish them luck. If they're there.

If anyone is home.   

They’re here

Maybe you have already noticed.

But the first wave of dandelions has established a beachhead.

How do you feel about these weeds?

A) Frankly, I sort of admire them. They're so hardy. B) I view them as my archenemy. C) I regard them as a reminder that the pristine turf lawn is utterly unnatural. D) I enjoy leaving them alone, knowing that it undoubtedly bugs a couple of my yard-obsessed neighbors. E) I have tried to bring them to the bargaining table, to no avail. F) I assume they'll be around long after humankind has cashed in its chips. G) Other.  

No, you definitely are not alone today

There are a few others sporting slight sunburns as souvenirs from Sunday.

Ever been described as a sign of spring?

I have.

As of today.

A colleague, noting that I had ridden my bike to work this morning, proclaimed that I was a you know what.

Well, take it from this sign of spring. Don't put away your coats just yet.

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